Questions about periods after giving birth

I had a preemie, a c-sec, and its been over 3 months and all my “downstairs” did was spot, and when i went to the washroom the toilet would be red but other than that nothing at all. I have went to the doctor and did pap ( was normal) and ultrasound to see if there was anything else in me from the baby ( not to sure yet of the results)… They did tests, cus i had a misscarrage b4 this baby and they didnt do a DNC and things left over from the baby fused on to my overies and i spoted and then bled out and had to be flown to the city… And i dont want that to happen and im just wondering if anyone had a long wait for their monthly non friend and what not.


It can take up to a year for your period to be normal after a baby

Are you breastfeeding?

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I don’t think she means her monthly cycle I think she means her postpartum bleeding. I’ve never had a c-section so I’m not sure what’s normal after you give birth. I know with my vaginal births I bled for weeks. Hopefully everything is ok and this is normal for you.

I didnt get mine for 4 1/2 years ,but I was nursing heavily my 1st child and new baby,oh I got pregnant with my second baby without even having a period be careful it happens even when you have no period, you still ovulate.I didnt know that I was pregnant for 2 1/2 months. Hope that helps…

I have a 3 c sections. I also breast freed my baby and I had this exact thing happen with my first 2 c sections. When I went to my doctor they said because I breast feed it would take longer to see my monthly non friend again. I’m not sure if you are breast feeding but that could be it.

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I had 3 csections, I also breastfed. I didn’t get my period for like a year after having my first 2. I got nexplanon put in a month after I had my third one so I haven’t had a period in over 3 years now.

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I breastfed on demand with my son. He was also an emergency C-section. I did not go on birth control after him bc my husband had a vasectomy. I went 17 MONTHS before I had my period again. I was also worried something was wrong. Apparently it can be normal if you are breastfeeding on demand and through the night. It was awesome not to have a period though.

You could ask for a hysteroscopy (sp) to make sure you don’t have scar tissue preventing you from having normal cycles. I’m not sure if you’re breastfeeding but if you are that can effect your cycle.

From what my doctor said if you breastfeed It can be delayed until you stop, otherwise it could be anytime after 6(ish)weeks. But Everyone’s different and so many things that can factor into when it comes back

Mine was off after every kid and I’ve had three. More than likely everything is fine your body is just trying to get back to normal and that can take time.

I haven’t had a c section but after my son was born I didn’t have the postpartum bleeding I did with my daughters it was more just spotting for a couple days here and there.

Are you breastfeeding? I didn’t have mine for the entire time I nursed with both of my kids.


If you are breastfeeding it can stop you from having your period. I spotted off and on the first few months after my csection. Then I didn’t have an actual period til my son had turned 1.

Yeah I breast fed and I didn’t have one until I stopped. I’ve had 2 natural and 1 C-section. Last one was my C-section. They all got teeth really early so I’ve never breast fed longer than 4 months

If you breastfeed it can take awhile before you will see your period again. Also it can depend on how fast your hormones go back to normal to get your period back. And if you are on birth control. Many different factors can cause the delay of getting your period again.

My son is 13 months old and I have fully breastfed and even now with him eating he still breastfeeds alot and i have not had any periods but one not long after he was born. Doc said it’s normal and to continue b.c. methods

I had a c section at 35 weeks and my period didn’t return for a year, but when it did return it’s completely normal and regular since.

I didn’t start my period again until my son was 9-10 months old. I was also breastfeeding which played a role, but it was a while before i started.