Questions about taxes and student loans

If you have a student loan in Texas And pay off the total amount they told you it was, can they still take your taxes? Or would you let them just take it? Is it worth calling and asking about it? Thanks in advance!


Really? Taxes? What a fkn joke!

They only take your taxes if you are in default on your student loans.


If you have proof you paid what they said was owed then most definitely look into it or your about to be paying that school some more money.

Ummmmm… This is a mama page. Not Turbo Tax.


I think you would be better suited asking a tax professional instead of the intetnet


If you made the payment recently, they might still take it by accident. Its not a quick process to stop that offset order once they submit it. So if they took your tax return for loan debt, call the lender and let them know. Theyll reverse it.

If you have a question, why would you not call to ask and verify that your balance is paid in full? I wouldn’t rely on the answers you get here only.

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Students loans get garnished from taxes only when in default and haven’t made prior arrangements. You can call this number to see if you have an offset (if they’ll be taking any money) 800-304-3107


From my understanding if you’re not behind in payments then there shouldn’t be no automatic take out. But your best bet would be to consult a tax professional or find a helping phone number through the irs website

I don’t think they can take your taxes but you may want a copy of your statement saying it is paid off. Talk to your local tax expert.

I am not a tax professional but there are a few different student loans. You could have had one through Department of Education and paid it off while a living expense loan is through a different account and still due. You should call the schools financial department and ask them how many loans you have/had, the total amount previously due and current amount due. Compare this to your records.

First and foremost question…are you in default on your student loans?

If u paid it off why would theu take it

They can not take it unless you’re behind that’s when they took mine in Ohio and when I was done playing they sent me a letter saying so

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IRS is open tomorrow. Call. You might need to wait to file until you can get word of them recieving the the pay off notice.

You have until April 15th to do so.

Call the IRS Off Set Line at 1.800.304.3107, follow prompts options they are 5, 1, 1, and after a recording select 2 it will have you type in ur ssn twice. It well then tell you if there are any off sets…you can also call the student loan to let them tou its paid in full hope this helps

Only way you can get taxes taken away if you’re in default. If you’ve paid them in full you’d wanna wait till you get an official letter confirming your loan balance is at $0 then submit your taxes. Otherwise they will garnish taxes. However if you still owe on your loans and they are in default your refund will 100% be taken away up until you’re out of default or paid in full.

Go to to find out who your loan processor is. For example I have Great Lakes and my wife has Nelnet. You should have an acct but if not you can make one. You should’ve made an acct way back when you first got ur loans to do your Master Promissary Note and First Time Loan Holder stuff. Either way, log in to find out who ur loan holder is, if you don’t know. Once you find out go to their website to create a login and apply for repayment options. There are so many different options that will keep you of default so they don’t take your taxes. But if you’ve paid it off, they will see that. It may take ur taxes a little longer to move but they won’t keep them if you aren’t in default

If you did indeed paid it off, they will mail you a check.
Same thing happened to me and they just issued a check