Questions for mamas who use Mirena

Any other mamas on here use Mirena? Looking for some input on a random onset of crazy bad PMS symptoms after having nada since I got mine put in nearly three years ago! I feel like I’m losing my mind! For the last week, I’ve had moderate cramping, really bad breast tenderness (which I’ve never had with PMS before), back pain, fatigue, some nausea, and mood swings from hell. I bled heavier for a bit yesterday than I have since I got it put in, but it’s all but stopped now. Though the rest is still in full swing **Disclaimer: I’ve already had a fairly extensive workup by my doc, and everything checked out fine, even an ultrasound. edited to add that I already have one in, not asking about getting one, asking if someone else who has one has had a similar experience


Yep my PMS symptoms have gotten super bad with mirena. But I’m not pregnant so there’s that :joy: pros and cons!

The hormones released after 3 years change. Most people notice a change right around the 3 year mark.

Almost every woman I know who had one complained the whole time. I’m literally the one I know who left it in the whole 5 years.

I got mine in after I had my son ( 6 week check up) each month I have some sore boobs, little Cramps. Nothing horrible. It’s been in since 2009. Getting it taken out the end of this month and putting another one in.

I actually lost one of my ovaries from Mirena the first year I had mine. But before that I bled lightly almost every single day. Asked the dr she said I was just getting used to it and had pain during sex. Now that I’m back on pills for more than 4 years now Iv had no more problems I just lost my ovary from the thing

Mine did this and I had to have it removed and ended up towards the end feeling like I was literally going insane and would bleed anytime I tried to have sex with my husband, I was having intense pain like being stabbed constantly, and when they removed it, they confirmed that it had shifted and left me open to develop a raging case of bacterial vaginosis and I ended up with 2 weeks of strong antibiotics. 2 years later and I’m still trying to heal from the aftermath. My only saving grace is that I only needed it to treat my heavy periods because I’d already had my tubes tied the year before. Now I’m back to having 2-week long extremely heavy periods, but I don’t feel like I’m going crazy and being murdered from the inside anymore, so… silver lining, I suppose?

Mine attempted to come out after being in place only a few weeks. Unfortunately it got lodged in the wall of my cervix. It was a painful bloody mess. Needless to say I’ll never use an IUD again, but every woman is different, and it works well for some. Mine was just my bad experience.

I had it for a long time never had those problems but it gave me server headaches so I just got it out this year. I had it in after my daughter and son

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I had alot of pressure hard to sleep hot flashes. I had that for 7 years. I just said done got tubes removed since they not tie them

I had mine a year. My side effects were absolutely horrible. I broke out which I never do, cramps, weight gain, just generally mad at the world the whole time, and for some reason i itched all the time. It all stopped as soon as i took it out. Never again

For the last three years I had no Caffeine. At the time of insertion, she told me that I was pre-menopausal. At the time symptoms were were okay. Just in the last few months, that has changed now the side effects are bothersome, but I handle them okay. I simply take one Advil before going to bed and that helps with the mood swings and bloating. If you were still feeling the symptoms, talk to your OB/GYN, they can help you a lot better than your PCP.

I had it for about 4mo. Mine moved up and I had to have it removed. I bled every 2wks. I would cry easier and I would get big pimps on my shoulders that didn’t come to the surface. I don’t remember if I was crampier but I remember just feeling blah.

I did get the nexoplanon implant in January and I love that

I have had one in for about 4 years. I have lost about 25 pounds in the last year and that’s when my period returned with symptoms. My period is very light buy the symptoms aren’t.

Everybody’s bodies are unique. If it is causing all of those problems find another option. There are many options out there.

I had one in for almost 4 years and I hated it. It worked, I never got pregnant, but the side effects were awful. I felt so much better when I got it removed.

Did your doctor check to see if it moved or detached? I’ve had mine for 4 years and I get cramps every once in a while, some breast tenderness from time to time but, nothing like your describing.

I had one for 5 years and never had side effects or a period but I am sure it effects everyone differently. Honestly, I loved it and the most painful part for me was inserting and taking out.