Questions for Momma’s who have young toddlers that work night shifts

Since COVID, my husband had to take a pay cut, and we have a two and 3-year-old… I have been a stay at home mom, but now I got a job working nights… So my question is for the momma’s in kind of the same boat when do you sleep…! I will be working from 10 pm - 7 am, and I know it will work it’s self out with scheduling but just wanted to ask if anyone in the same boat or similar working nights with young ones…? Also, we can’t put them in any child care because we have family members who are extremely high risk, so that’s not an option, and we have no family members that can help at this time due to COVID and exposure… What advice can you give? I appreciate this group very much! Also, if you have anything negative to say, please keep it to yourself. We are already all having a hard time since COVID. Please be kind. Thank you!


I work 6pm/6am I sleep from 7/12

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Luckily my girls are self-sufficient now lol they are 15/14/11/9

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I worked 10pm to 7am with 2 toddlers (single mom) I’d nap whenever I’d put them down to nap. It was broken sleep but that was the only way. It’s a tough schedule.

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When my mom went to night 6pm-6am and my dad was 5am -5pm she slept when we went to school or when my brother napped and then on her days off. It was tough for her for about a year until she got to days.

Broken to no sleep lol

I worked 2 jobs. Would go to them back to back. I would work between 3-6hours depending on the day at dollar general. I’d get out at 1030 at night. Drive 25 mins away to my next job and work 11pm to 8 am. Drive home. Stay up until my older kids got out of school then went to bed a few hours before work. It wears you out being both mom and only worker. I had I weird situation at the time and the husband wasnt here but would help if i was burnt out let me get a few hours here and there. Just make sure you take a min for a break alone. Even if it’s just in your driveway in your car to relax. Then it makes taking it on when you walk in the door a bit easier.

I work 8pm to 6am. My husband works 6am to 5pm. I’m lucky that my 2 year old usually lets me sleep from 7am to 11am. I’ve gotten use to little sleep

Husband takes them when he gets home from work and you sleep for abit before work, and sleep during the day when they do… My toddler sleeps the best if I lay down for a nap with him, they might have a good sleep if you all jump in your bed and snooze together with the curtains shut

I just picked up a night shift job a few months ago where I work from 10pm-6am.
If she’s asleep when I come home, then I sleep.
If she’s awake then I’ll stay up for a few hours and when nap time comes (if it does) I’ll nap with her.
Luckily my husband is home by 7 so I’m able to lay down for a few while he watches her.
It will be a rough few weeks. But I’m sure you will find out a schedule or something that works out for y’all:)

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My neighbor has this door alarm that goes off if the door is open so she can have some quiet time with the kids. My kid will take a nap if I read a book and let them have it to look at.

Maybe try to switch their sleep schedule to match yours a little better

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Sleep when they sleep and when your husband gets home he could watch the kids for a few hours before you have to go to work. Unless your husband works til 9pm. If that’s the case sleep a few hours when you get home before he goes to work. It’s rough but your husband may have to watch the kids some.

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Yeah, I had a broken sleep schedule. Napped when they did. Woke them up as soon as I got home and played hard. Got 4 hour nap. Dinner and in bed again by 6 or 7 if the man was able to handle bed time. Woke up by 9 got to work by 10. It’s tough, but your body eventually adjusts. And weekends are for catch up

I would lock my kids in my room with me. Childproof everything!! I would set alarms just in case but you will have broken sleep. TV helps, I tried to put educational shows but to be honest whatever you know they will watch. These are hard times and we will get through it. My kids slept later so I usually had a good 3 hour sleep once I got home. Just a thought.

Nap when they nap, and when your husband gets home from work he takes over the kids so you can sleep! We have 7 kids, the youngest being a month old and this is what we do.

Sleep when u put then down for a nap… which is going to be 3 hrs at most :confounded: sleep when ur hubby gets home from work
It might be better if u transition to compressed shifts and take them to daycare and just not mesh with family for now
No sleep is gonna be an issue!!!

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Its tough i have done it for 4 years now but u get used it. I try to nap at least 2 hours in the morning with my little one on the floor with cushions and toys for her to play with, wake up at 2:30 pm to pick up my primary kids at school then hubby comes home at 4pm, cook and dinner with everyone at 5, shower, put my uniform on, lock my room blinds shut and ear plugs. I would sleep at least 2 or 2. 5 hours before i get to work at 9pm and the routine goes. My little one is now in kindy so it helps a little bit that i sleep more. Good luck to you and hubby. It takes a lot of effort and patience but it can be done. :blush:

I work 8p-4a. I will sleep 2ish hrs when I get home before she’s up. Then stay up until about 10a and nap with her (1 hr) and maybe another hr later in the day but that’s only sometimes. I get about 3 hrs of sleep a day but I only work 3 nights a week. She’s 8 months old

I work night shift with 3 kids. I work midnight to 8am. Hubby leaves for work 7:15am so they are alone for about an hour, but still asleep. I get home 8:15 and take care of the kids and make dinner. Hubby gets home at 4:25 and I go strait to bed. He handles feeding them, after dinner quiet time, and bedtime. He wakes me up at 10:30 -11 when he comes up to bed.

When school starts back up I will change my bedtime to sleep when they are at school. They wake me up when they get home at 4pm to make dinner and spend the evening with them. Then after bedtime I head off to work.

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