Questions for moms who had children far apart in age

My youngest daughter is about to turn 11. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with what will be my 3rd daughter. I’m hoping to hear from some mama’s that have had such a large age gap between pregnancies, specifically when it comes to labor and delivery. My first labor was just under 12 hours, and my second was just under 6. Did your body react the same? Did you deliver any quicker or slower? I’m curious to hear others’ experiences! Thanks!


I’m wondering the same, I’m 22 weeks on my 3rd and my youngest is 9 my oldest is 11. My labours on them were quick and easy. My first came a day before his due date and my 2nd was 11 days late. Both quick labours with no complications.

My oldest & youngest are 12 years apart. I have 2 in between but inmy experience labor has gotten less difficult and less time in duration each time
Oldest 24 hours
2nd 13 hours
3rd 10 hours
4th 6 hours

I went very quickly my daughter is 9 I had my baby in March

My oldest daughter is 16 yrs and son is 13 yrs. My 3rd child was born last year. It was a shorter labour but all 3 were induced. I was more relaxed because I knew what to expect. Good luck and enjoy you little ones!

I have a six year gap between two kids. My second was a lot better then the first. I am in the same boat as you right now. My youngest is going to be 11 next month and I’m being induced with my second little girl at the end of the week. Wishing you all the best

For me the gap sucks

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My kids ages are 23,16,10,9 every labor is different I had complications on my last two and for my 16 year old she was born 30 minutes after I got to the hospital and for my 23 year old it was easy

My oldest is 40 and my youngest is 24. My only children. Both boys. Labor with first was 6 hrs and easy delivery. He weighed 7.14, 22inches long. Second was 2 1/2 hours. Very easy delivery. He weighed 5.13, 18 1/2 inches long.

I’ve 2 boys 0ne at 12 nearly 13. And 0ne at 8 months my second labour was worse than my first. Age gaps not a problem for me he helps out lol.

I love the gap I have such a sweet gentle caring daughter who absolutely admires her sister the bond is incredible. She is such an amazing helper. So for now it’s great idk if she will be the same in high school. My girls are 11 and 8 months.

I have 2 that are 2 yrs apart. Labor was about the same. That was almost 6 yrs ago and I now have a 2 month old and labor was a lot quicker!

My son is almost 19, my daughter is almost 16 and my new little miracle is almost 2 months old. I dont think it’s too bad. It’s nice having the extra help sometimes

I have 1 who’s 7 and one who’s 10 months and labour’s were about the same tbh, I also love the gap x so much less stressful

My eldest is 10, 11 in January. my youngest is 3 in July. Two boys, only have the two. Was so much easier when my youngest was younger because my eldest wanted to help etc. Until my youngest started talking and walking. They do things together but sometimes my eldest just wants time on his own. It is so very hard.

My first labour was so smooth and easy (my body went straight back to normal after my first) my second was so very slow and complicated and the worst of the two. (Took my body longer to go back to normal) x

Both natural births.

I had my daughter’s 11 yrs apart and the labor was easier the 2nd time. It felt no different starting the baby mode over and my daughter loved becoming a big sister at 11 yrs old.

4 boys…18,16,13 & 2.
All were csection so no advice on labor but the age gap was good for me. All the older boys were and are more than helpful with him. The 2 year old has a different bond with each older boy and it’s truly beautiful to see how he interacts with each one.

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My first is 10 and was 25hrs
Second is 9 and was 30mins
Third is 2 and was 9hrs
I love the age gap. But labor’s were definately different.

Mine are 8 years apart. First was a difficult birth but 2nd was much faster and easier recovery.

My daughter turning 19 3 weeks after babys due date. Still waiting to find out if I’ll have to have a c section doc said I might be able to have natural birth.