Questions for single mamas who are dating

Hi all! Dating after several years out of the game, and as a single Mom.I had been seeing someone, only for about two weeks. The first week, we talked on the phone every night, and in the second week, we started to hang out. Once for ice cream, once for a movie night, once for lunch, and then once I went to his place to hang out. On that fourth date, he clearly wanted to have sex (I had already turned him down the previous two because we barely knew each other), and the fourth date, I also had my period, so… I told him that, and he never spoke one more word to me. He fell asleep for several hours on the couch, I woke him to tell him I was leaving, and I never heard from him again. Is this a thing? Did I wait “too long” to give in to sex? I’ve been out of the dating game for a while, but I’ve never been someone who sleeps with a man after only a handful of dates. He talked a super good game—got to know me, remembered all of the little details about my life, opened car doors, was a super great communicator. I’m totally second-guessing myself now—like, if I had slept with him, maybe we’d still be dating, but also, who treats someone like that? Do you all think I totally screwed this up?


Trust yourself, if he can’t wait for you then he’s not the right one.


Nah, get you a man that respects your boundaries


You do not have to have sex until your ready to. Dump any guy that does that shit.

Oh no please don’t think like this. Your body your choice but I think he just talk for himself. You are too good for him. Sex is not to be rush.


Glad you didn’t sleep with him! He doesn’t deserve it if he’s acting like that. Good job.


You didn’t do a thing wrong. His loss, move on.


Nahh, you did nothing wrong. I was similar with my now boyfriend of 3 years. Never once did he pressure me for sex, and even when I said no, his behavior towards me never changed.


You will know when it is the right time for you to have sex. Anyone who isn’t willing to wait for you isn’t the right person for you.

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No no no girl. You don’t have sex by a timeline.
If you didn’t want it/ weren’t comfortable then you ABSOLUTELY did the right thing. If he can’t respect that, then it’s his loss.

By the way he completely dropped you, I’m assuming he would’ve done the same thing after he got what he wanted :woman_shrugging:t3:

We’ve all been there girl. You do what’s best for you. Someone better will come along that will respect you the way you deserve :heart:


You do what is right for you.

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No he’d have done the same regardless so wait for a man who respects you and no some dickhead who will jump on anything with a pulse .


I dated the man I was with for 6 months before we even had sex. And he never pushed it once just waited for me to ask for it pretty much haha but he’s the best man I’ve ever dated and he’s wonderful with my daughter who he lets her call her daddy at least her real dad is in prison and won’t be in the picture. That guy unfortunately more the likely wasn’t going to keep communicating with you even if you had sex.


Nah. Clearly an asshole and only wanted one thing. Coming back into the fishing hole is rough. Good luck

No never give away your cash and prizes to soon I do the chossing

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Girl no- he’s the problem not you.

No. His loss. If a guy is really interested in you as a person this wouldn’t have changed the way he felt. You dodged a bullet in my opinion.

LOL not all dudes are like that. I think it’s a good thing you’re making them wait and seeing the outcome before you decide it’s time.

You should NEVER give in to sex, EVER.
If you don’t want to, don’t. I don’t care if you’re dating or married. You are not obligated to have sex at any time, ever.


If you slept with him, he would still be gone, hes in the game for sex with different women only…