Questions for working mamas

. I got to the US about five years ago. I have s 5-year-old son and a set of twin girls who are 31 months old. I was going to school while I worked part-time before I had the twins. Now, I stay at home with the children while only my husband goes to work. People around me, especially my family, feel I am lazy for being at home all this while. My question is those of you in a similar situation, how did you do it? What kind of job were you able to do, and where did you keep the children? I have not been able to complete the nursing program I registered for because I failed my 3rd semester. If I go to work now, how will I be able to pay for the daycare considering the fact that I won’t get enough pay because I have no certificate to work with? My husband is not really pressurizing me, but he talks about it once in a while. I am afraid to take my kids to a random babysitter, I just don’t know what to do.


Firstly you do what you want and what’s best for your family not everyone else! Be a stay at home mom ignore them


Do what’s best for YOU! Don’t let the opinions of other people dictate what you think is best for you and your family :heart: trust your instincts


Look for. Work from home job. Due to virus a lot of companies are finding its cheaper to pay a person to wfh.

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I’ve not been criticized for being a stay at home mom from others but I do sometimes feel guilty that I’m not contributing to the money aspect. I do clean my house and cook and homeschool our children. My husband loves that I am home with the kids cause we don’t trust others to watch them except for family at times. Since you don’t have that support I suggest you go back to school online for now or go to night school while your husband is home with the kids asleep. Sacrifices are worth it in the end. Keep your head up and don’t listen to those other people criticizing you.

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Do what’s best for your family. But, it sounds like you do have aspirations for yourself in the future. Maybe you can do some on line classes to make up failing 3rd semester if you think nursing might still be an option. I went back to school after 4 kids and I was a stay at home mom. I knew at some point I would re-enter the workforce and wanted to be better prepared than a minimum wage job. Don’t get me wrong I loved being able to be home with my kids! But I also looked to the future.

Do what’s best for you and your babies, be a Stay at home mom, it’s the hardest full time job already, I wouldn’t add any extra stresses unless it’s something you want to do! And don’t let anyone make you feel bad for your decisions either! :heart:

If you’re interested in finishing school, that’s something you could do. Failing one semester doesn’t prevent you from ever being able to finish. Then you’d be able to make a better income once you finished school.

This is a decision between you and your spouse. If he’s ok with you staying at home as working as a housewife, that’s that and everyone else can get bent. If he feels or has experessed or showed signs of stress of being the soul supporter, then discuss alternatives on things like working from home in your own start up business, or jobs that allow remote working. Look at places that provide on sight childcare. If it’s int he budget, go for private childcare. You can request a background check with CPS and local law enforcement, as well as random drug testing. I suggest someone older at least in the upper 30’s to early 50’s with five or more years of experience and comes with references. Good luck.

If you can afford to stay home then do it if that’s what feels right to you. People are so judgmental. It’s between you and your husband to decide what’s best for your family.

I stay home and teach my children instead of doing public school. I disregard any one elses opinion since what happens in my home is only mine and my husband’s business.

Dont worry about what others think about u. Its not ur business :slight_smile: do whatever makes sense to you and ur husband

Pay for a daycare like everyone else has too…

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Okay this is what me and my fiance does. He works morning and i work nights no babysitter needed

Do a small bussiness from home! In that way you can be with ur children and have an income! Selling things on internet helps a lot! U dont have to have computers etc you can use ur cell phone! So u dont have to have a lot of money to start off! Buying and reselling things people need! Or making things people eat! Works

Work in the evening or weekend, opposite of your husband. Even if you work 10-15 hours a week it helps!

I work nights and my husband days, been doing it for the past 6 years, don’t have to struggle with a babysitter

You do what’s best for your family. I get questions all the time because my husband is a stay at home dad. People act like him staying home isn’t a job and that I shouldn’t carry all of the financial burden. What they don’t understand is that we have talked about what would work best for us. We make it work on my income only, obviously not doing too bad since we just bought a house. We save money by home not working, his income would go towards daycare only. We did the whole he works nights, I work days thing but we never spent time as a family. For us, family time is more important than having all the money in the world.

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Im a stay at home mom and no one ever says a bad thing about that. I raise 9 children, take care of the home, appointments etc my fiance has even said he couldn’t do half of what i do every day. If your husband doesn’t mind you staying home then dont let anyone else get to you. Thats a decision between the 2 of you only.

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1.Ask family, 2. It’s not just your children so daycare cost shouldn’t be only on you. And 3. Even if it’s part time work it’s healthy to get out the house and away from kids.
I work 2 days a week, 11 hour shift. Me and SO split daycare cost. It gets me out the house and into the real world but I also get to spend 5 days a week with my kids. Win win.

You are in NO WAY lazy…
you’re are taking care of your children and the home. It would cost you more to put all your babies into daycare then to stay home and care for them yourself. It is a lot of work to raise human beings. That being said, if you really want to go back to work and/ or finish getting the nursing degree your husband will need to help and split the work load of watching the children and taking care of the home. It’s a partnership, he has to be willing to help you with your dreams as well.