Questions on losing hair after having kids

I know its normal to lose hair after having a baby. But my baby is now one, and I’m still losing a crazy amount of hair! So my questions - does it get better? And what has helped you guys to lessen the hair loss?


This happened to me after my second and it is because of hormone issues.

I took hair skin and nails vitamins and changed my shampoo to one helped thicken hair, after my youngest, it helped. It’s just the hormones and what the baby took.

Take 10,000 of biotin every single day. Also have your thyroid levels checked by an endocrinologist (have the blood work drawn before starting the biotin)

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Currently losing SO MUCH hair… :upside_down_face:

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You might want to have your thyroid hormone levels checked. It can sometimes get “out of whack” after having a baby.

My hair loss rampaged from month three til month six. Then it stopped. Now I have 80 million little short baby hairs sticking out of my part.


Read about your thyroid! That little sucker can cause a lot of problems, hair loss is one. Get her checked out

My entire house is covered in hair. 5 months PP

I started losing hair about 4 months post partum and grew back around 8 months (that’s when I noticed all sorts if hair growth coming back)

38 months postpartum and my hair still hasn’t recovered

My doctor put me back on prenatals for a few months after my son was born to help balance my hormone levels. It worked but I have super long hair and now even a few years later I have hair dressers tell me my hair is all kinds of lengths from it.

It is normal your body is still adjusting especially if you’re still breastfeeding just keep on taking your prenatal vitamins your hair will grow back and if you have serious concerns asking your doctor should help.

How my Dr explained it me was that during pregnancy you have a lot of extra blood and flow which causes new hair growth. After delivery, you no longer have blood abundance to supply the extra hair, so you lose it.

I STILL take biotin to help with hair loss. I find that stress makes my hair fall out…

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It’s normal. Don’t stop taking your prenatal vitamins.

I have never heard its normal to lose hair after birth

Monat Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner. :raised_hands:t3:

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See a dermatologist.

18 months still losing hair