Questions regarding c-section scar: Please help!

I have a question, I HAVE ALREADY REACHED OUT TO MY OBGYN, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced something similar, I’m 4wks post my 5th section, I had a tubal as well. Out of the blue, one side of my section is so tender, I can’t cough cuz it hurts just like if I just had my section done, I can’t lay on that side at all, and I’m also getting a prickly sensation there as well. I’ve never had any of these symptoms, so I’m stumped. Has anyone felt like this?


careful could be a staph infection, happened to my sister

They cut to deep doing your tubal ligation
…let me take a guess, the surgeon from India

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And sad news, it’s not going to get much better over time

Sounds like it is infected


Its been 4 moths since I had my baby I did the same procedure done and I did had that same problem it hurt and it was uncomfortable for the first two months but now it’s much better just try to see a different doctor .

Mine was numb for a long time it was weird cuz it was tender but to lean on the sink or botton my pants. It was numb

Mine was similar n ended up healing but formed scar tissue over a nerve n had to be re cut it formed a neuroma nerve tumor somehow ?? Pray n hope no one has to re go through that surgery n infection followed ;”(

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I think sections are painful in general I had my kidney removed in 92 felt like the same as having the section however it has been almost 16 years since my section and itches so bad still to this day ob gave me liodcane makes it numb and itching is gone

Hon you have a long way to go it takes five years to heal

It felt like that when I ripped my internal stitches… and mine ripped 4 times… ( I didnt have anyone to help me when I had my son and I had a 2 year old at home too)

I would get it checked right away. Could be an infection


Go to another doctor because there is something wrong. You shouldn’t have those sensations.

because of s tubal along with c section its tender for a long time dont ask me why but just is the prickly feeling is a nerve they hit that has to also heal if no redness or fever no infection usually

I had the same thing. More tenderness on one side. Only 1 C_section. No ligatation. Probably nothing but I’d get it checked out just in case.

Perhaps a hernia? I had similar when my hernia happened but it was probably a year or so after my last csection

I work in surgery- the prickly sensation is your nerves reconnecting. Tingling and numbness is also common the first year. * I also had 2 C-sections


First off Congratulations! From my experience I found that the prickly sensation was actually from the stitches and a few weeks later a couple popped through the skin - this is OK as they just trimmed the excess stitch at the drs and it dissolved the rest underneath, but the best person to advise will be your Dr, like your post says they’re already aware but don’t be afraid to call them up again if you feel it’s not right, that’s what they’re there for. Don’t forget youve had a major operation so it’s going to be a few months before you feel relatively normal! Hope you recover soon, feel better and enjoy your little one! X

I had 2c section the first one was emergency that baby die then I had the second one an the Dr clean up all the rough skin that was left from the first one so I am smood an nice now no more kids for me ,

One side always has to act up, lol. I had 3, it’s a bitch, lol. The pins and needles are from the nerves. Has it gotten red? Swelling? Do ya carry alittle belly pouch? Cause fat does not heal back together, like skin & muscle does. The tubal has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. If it keeps up, go see your doctor.