Questions regarding doctors appointments and kids

I’m just found out I’m pregnant with baby number two, I’m a stay at home mom. It’s likely that my husband won’t be able to come to every appointment with me and I have no one to watch my seven-month-old so ill have to bring her with me to my appointments, How does that work when it’s just you and your baby at the doctor’s will someone else hold her? On another note, I’m worried about the coronavirus we just got our first confirmed case in our county, and I have a lot of doctors appointments for me as well as my daughter who is just starting her helmet journey what do I do?? Should I choose not to helmet to avoid taking her out and wait to go to ultrasounds until this all blows over?


Your stroller will be your bestfriend


Depends on the office. I’m 7 months pregnant with my 2nd. My son is only 10 months old and my dr won’t let me bring him with me.

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Use a stroller to keep her in there. They are not gonna help you with her. Also because of the virus they limit on who can come to visits. For most part its just patient allowed.


I brought a small stroller or bucket car seat when they were under 2!

Stroller or car seat or maybe a close friend or relative whom you know is safe and will take the necessary precautions with the virus currently can watch baby while you go.

i’m scared to even go to my appointments alone. and i have one tomorrow. so i feel for you

Stroller. By the time I had my 5th there was a couple times I had 4 kids in tow for an appt lol

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You obviously need your prenatal care so if your OBGYN needs you in the office and you have to take your baby, out her in a stroller. As for your child’s visits, if the physician wants to continue now, then do it! Physicians are truly the experts on what is happening and what is deemed necessary, please listen to them and not people on FB!


I agree…a stroller will help tremendously. Ask if you can bring baby with you. Visits are limited. I just had my daughters 2 month wellness check and one parent only with the baby so hubby couldn’t come in nor our 4 year old.

Most offices are great with helping with your other child

Just had my baby Friday. I had to bring my 20 month old with me to every appt. it was tough but my dr office understood

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My obgyn won’t let anyone but the patient in the office. So idk.

Unfortunately as of right now most dr offices aren’t allowing anyone under 18at appointments

I bought an umbrella stroller and that’s the best for doctors offices because they’re small and easy to fit into the smaller rooms.

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I run an in home daycare (up until recently)! I just put them in the stroller if I have to take them! Umbrella strollers are best for dr office since there typically isn’t enough room for much!!!

I had 3 younger kids going with me to my appointments when i was pregnant with my last. My youngest was 6mo and i put her in her stroller and brought snacks. I have 9 kids all together.


Well If you have a stroller just put the baby in it and roll her in with you


I am 28 weeks and had to cancel all my apts due to my kids not being able to come.


Stroller. Also maybe see if you can do video chat appointments. As this virus spreads, many clinics are only allowing the patient to come in. Alone, no kids, no husbands. Experiencing this here in Houston :slightly_frowning_face:

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