Questions regarding paternity and survivors benefits

Seventeen years ago, my now ex-husband and I were separated due to his affair. While we were separated, I did sleep with a friend of ours and became pregnant. When my daughter was four months old, my husband had a paternity test done, and it excluded him as the father, which only left one possibility…our friend. My husband wanted to raise her as his own and basically asked the friend to walk away. Husband and I divorced two years later with him still raising my daughter. She even had his last name. Fast forward 13 years and my ex-husband passed away unexpectedly. Now the bio dad and I are in contact again. He told me that my husband had told him that he (the friend) wasn’t the dad and to stay away from us. So he basically never knew the truth about the paternity test. We recently had one done, and it confirmed that the friend is her father. In the past six months, he has been a huge part of her life. He and his wife and the whole family has accepted her with open arms. We want to let him adopt her, so he can have legal rights ( which should have happened from day 1). The question I have is, will it interfere with the social security survivor benefits that she receives from my ex-husband? We had shared custody up until the day he died. Along with our two other daughters. We were both lied to about this 16 years ago, and I desperately want to fix this mess.


Yea it wil interfere.

Yes, it will end the benefits but it would mean you could get child support from her biological father .


Yes. They will stop. Benefits are for the children. If she’s no longer legally his child, she gets no money.

You’ll lose the benefits from your ex.


She will not receive benefits. And if known you could be asked to replay the money that’s been paid.

You may have to pay back the benefits but your ex being on her birth certificates they won’t stop her benefits unless her bio dad adopts her.

It will interfer w social secrutity and lose the benefits…but if u want to fix the mess and do adoption why does money matter if this mess as u say needs to he fixed then why does the money matter

Yes it will…since it basically excludes her as his survivor…


Your child will be an adult in 2 years If This Were Me I would leave things be her real father can always find ways to take care of her without adopting an almost adult


You can’t have your cake and eat it too !!


I would say you would lose the benefit

I don’t think it will interfere with her rights for Social Security if she has his last name

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Yea bc your husband wasnt the father and why are u trying to keep that anyways?


Leave well enough alone he’s now in her life and that’s a start but yes if you in fact allow the adoption she will lose the benefits


You’re seriously worried about the money? There’s no way you didn’t know I call bs. Yes, you’ll lose the benefits and may have to pay back what given. Leave it alone and she can change her name at 18.

Think about your daughter! Wtf??? Why would you ever tell her that the dad she knew as her father wasn’t her real dad after enduring the grief of his death? So you want support raising her from this other dude but also want money from your dead ex? Probably want money from the real bio dad too? Get a grip!

She’s old enough now that it’s just paper at this point he’s her birth dad but not her dad… they barely know each other.


You can have a spouse legally adopt her so in the event of your death he would have guardianship, and it would not interfere with ssi as that’s a benefit SHE is entitled to for her fathers death, however if ssi is informed you’re collecting his survivor benefits on her behalf knowing he is not paternally his you could face charges of fraud so you may need a lawyer to figure out your correct situation and what is best for your scenario


Yes you will lose survivor benefit if he gets “rights” to her then in the eyes of the government he is responsible for her legally. Same thing if another man adopted her.