Remedies for itching during pregnancy due to PUPP?

Hi mamas! So I’m in my final stretch of pregnancy and got PUPPP. What are some remedies you used to soothe the itching? And how long did it take for it to disappear after you gave birth? How badly does it damage/scar your skin after the fact? Thank you in advance!

I didn’t get it until after birth, but I’ve packs and calcimine lotion helps for a little bit

Happy valentines day , so due tell what is pupp? Maybe i have some information that will help??

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I had those while pregnant i tried everything from over the counter to scripts nothing worked but delivery after she was born boom nomore itching good luck mama

Omg. You poor thing. I had that and it was absolutely terrible. Good luck. Try saran lotion.

I had mine after birth too but I used cortisone cream and made sure my clothes were a little more baggy so it didn’t rub off right away.

I had severe itching while i was pregnant i didnt get diagnosed with anything but it was torture i would cry cuz it was so bad and i itched all over everyday… I had my kids rub my feet before bed time and always took hot showers or i would be up all night… I used vaseline lotions and it helped a little i got pretty lucky with not scarring tho the only scar i have is on my toe it got so bad on my feet that i scratched the skin off :tired_face: it did however go away right after i gave birth

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Hydrocortisone helped mine! And did no damage or scaring. Goes away after delivery.

I struggled to find anything to ease it so can’t really help on that front but mine went as soon as I gave birth

I had it during my 3rd trimester and was absolutely miserable. The only thing that would help was VERY hot showers followed by a lot of Sarna lotion. I had a detachable shower nozzle so I wouldn’t scald the rest of my body… just the effected areas. My OB gave me some allergy medication to take everyday and I also used pine tar soap. The scalding water was the key, though.

Oatmeal baths and tar soap like above then I was told to take Pepcid and Benadryl with It
And natures gate oatmeal lotion was great too

The best solution was going to hospital and them putting Benadryl through IV

I’m sorry you’re going through it it’s the worst

I got it after I have my son but have it now at 35 weeks, the only thing that helped me was breast milk! It’s a cure all

You poor thing! Gold bond medicated lotion in the yellow bottle really helped me, oatmeal baths in lukewarm water. Not hot, it makes it worse. Loose fitting clothing also. Mine actually got worse after I had my daughter due to the change in hormones with breast feeding. My stretch marks on my stomach are worse from all the scratching. try not to scratch as much as possible, it will make it worse!!

It was absolutely awful when I was pregnant with my daughter. I got it everywhere when I was 32 weeks and I had it until I was 39 weeks when it mysteriously went away on its own. I tried every remedy I could get my hands on and the only thing that even remotely helped a tiny bit was alternating between slathering myself with calamine lotion and aloe vera gel and wearing pyjama pants so I couldn’t scratch in my sleep. My doctor prescribed me some hardcore hydrocortisone cream but that did nothing. I’m so sorry that you got PUPPS. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

I would be very interested just what your OB told you !!!

Sorry but what is pupp? I had horrible itching on my legs for a long part of my last pregnancy but didn’t know why and never asked dr. It was immediately gone after having my baby though

I took warm showers when mine hit and is always stopped me from itching.

I had severe hives during pregnancy but every test came back negative for what usually causes it! Dr put me on hydroxene and said it was most likely anxiety I have gotten then thru out almost 3 months pp

It’s works pretty good I tried everything under the sun Benadryl didn’t even work after a while

I only developed scars on spots I picked and scratched hard. I was on benadryl twice daily. I also got antihistamines cream. Mine went away a day or so after I gave birth