Saving for Christmas

My husband no longer works a public job due to mental health issues and I am the only one bringing home a steady pay check. Just before Christmas I was promoted to full time. My husband does odd jobs here and there to help pay the bills. Last year around September I started to save a little bit of money where I could so I would be able to buy our 2 kids and my husband gifts for Christmas. I want to do that again this year only I want to start now. My question is should I tell my husband I’m doing this or just wait till it’s closer to Christmas?

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Do you have a reason for not wanting the tell him? Do you both handle the finances? And how much are you saving? If it’s a lot each paycheck? Do you guys agree on how much is spent at Christmas? Apparently I need more information before I can answer lol

I think it majorly depends on the relationship you guys have. There must be a reason if you’re questioning it. I say don’t tell him unless he asks.