Screen time and kids: Advice?

How much screen time do you give your kids? My husband and I are in a disagreement at the moment. These are not his biological kids but I am trying to become accustomed to having him help me decide parenting things with them. My kids go to school all day, when they come home from school, they go straight outside to play with their friends. After they come in, they eat dinner, take a shower, do homework and then it’s about 6:30 pm. At this point, I let them play on their phones or video games the rest of the night. They get off of them just fine and go straight to bed with no issues. They are 11, 10 and 8. He thinks they should only get 30 mins of screen time a night during the school weel, but I do not see an issue with our current arrangement. They play outside and don’t just sit on video games. But I just want to see what others do and try to see things from his point of view. Thank you


One thing for sure they shouldn’t be on them before going to bed…And your husband is now a stepfather, he has rights!


My step kids are on them the minute they come home from school till they go to bed and that’s not my choice I limit them to maybe an hr if that and they don’t like me but their dad let’s them on them all the time anytime they want for as long as they want

Mine came home from school, had a snack, did thier homework{no tv or anything until homework and chores were done} Then they could play until dinner and then baths and cleaning rooms up and choosing what to wear next day !

You could have15 mins to discuss their day and then they watch television to about 8.30 or 8.45

Let them continue doing what they’re doing until/unless it becomes an issue in any way. If it does, make that the first restriction put in place.


Google it and read different articles according to their ages. Then take a little time off of that for good measure. I’m not sure they have too many long term studies that show the damage accurately.

Our kiddos have a checklist after school made up of 1 household chore, their homework, picking up their room, 30 minutes of fresh air outside, and 30 minutes of exercise. If they get their stuff done they can use electronics. The electronics are shut off an hour before bed. That last hour is spent drawing, reading, coloring, journaling… Anything relaxing and screen free.
That works for us because it’s rare that they find the time for electronics during the week because their other activities will typically spark an interest and then they run out of time.
You and your hubby have to do what’s best for your family!

Keep doing what your doing. The kids are not glued to them at all times like most CHILDREN. As long as they are getting homework done chores ect and going to bed at a decent time not affecting school what’s the big deal.


What is his replacement activity?

It’s the start to addictive personality traits. Limit to less than an hour per day is ideal.

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We limit our daughter to 1.5 hours a day, this includes tv, and all time on ipad(including her educational work)

If there is no problem with the current situation why is he wanting to change it? It feels like he wants to have control for control sake. I understand working together as parents, and it’s great you are trying to do that but I don’t understand this situation when you stated there’s no issue with the status quo just a disagreement with him.


I think you’re schedule is great. And if they are doing good in school than there is no problem. 30 min isnt really a long enough time for them to enjoy their games. My sons are older and I ler them play for 2 hrs a night. But that’s because they do good in school and they do their chores.

My kids get to watch till bedtime as long as all their after school duties and reading for 45 minutes ate done. They go straight to sleep no problems. If they do all they have to and ate out of time then no screen time and it works. Dont let strangers tell you how to parent your children at all. But if you are looking for him to step into the step parent role and help out then its up to you to come to a common ground on what is acceptable for both of you. Good luck.

My first thought is what time do they go to bed so we know how much time they are using the phone or playing video games.

Honestly whatever works for your kids do it. Everyone is different when it comes to this subject. It’s not like they are inside on them 24/7. They do other stuff too.

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Where is family time/talk time/cuddle time? There must be some uninterrupted person to person time. No tv, no cellphone/tablet, no music. Just parents and children. I cuddle my little one, 3, we talk about his day, his worries, his highlights, what he would like to eat the next day, what he watched on tv, about his interaction with daddy and brother and me, about his toys (i know them by name) and then it kissing his toes and making him giggle as he has a bit of titty and he falls asleep. My 11y old son chats to me, we laugh, we discuss, and once the little one is asleep-he gets a chance for his cuddle. They both get screen time and i tell them when they have reached their limits. More importantly in our home is time WITH our babies. My hubby also plays with them. Make what is important to your children become important to you. Your children will feel important, heard and loved. I get down there and play cars, sometimes Im the petrol attendant, sometimes shopkeeper, sometimes customer in restaurant… They love it. Connection on a human level must be regular and meaningful.

Discuss why he wants to limit the time. You could definitely compromise. One hour of screen time and then read.

I have the same kind of problem but it is with his children they do not do any playing outside they are home-schooled when they come from their mothers on the weekends they don’t want to do nothing but sit around and whine and cry cuz they want to play video games while my five children play outside it’s next to the normal time go to regular public School if they freaking used to interact with my children when they are here for their weekend visits