Sex is becoming painful for me: Thoughts?

I’m 34 weeks in and would have sex all the time ( not the slow internet kind), and doggy style is good till it’s not, and my sides cramp up, especially on the right side near the end /when he Finishes. And the usually missionary I don’t mind, but the hubby says its awkward cus the tummy is in the way, ( sex is just awkward) and I love sex but not this pain that is starting to come with it and it last for a while and can’t move till its gone. And sometimes, when I play with my self, I can feel a bit of pain on the right side. Should I stop till baby comes or what is ur opinion … I’ve done anal, and that’s great with no pain, but don’t wanna do that all the time


Ask your doctor. I had pain too when pregnant but they said it was normal.

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Maybe talk to your doctor about that because that doesn’t sound normal to me. I’m also not a doctor so😅 I hope things get better for you!!

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Just a few weeks to go, hon. I was a frisky baby maker too.
If it’s not comfy, honey, don’t do it. :purple_heart:
You’ll be back at it in no time.


Maybe doggie on side of the bed and relax a lot bc your muscles are being stretched with the belly. Let him do all the work and try not to tense up a whole lot


I would definitely talk to the doctor. I think pain during sex is normal but not if your just playing with yourself.


Could it possibly be triggering some contractions?


It could also be that you’re very close to the end and you’re going to be sore, also baby is most likely starting to run out of room also. If it makes you feel any better I haven’t been pregnant in almost 4 years and since having my son and while pregnant with him it hurts to have sex :confused: sometimes it’s good still but majority of the time it hurts a lot :confused:


Just take it slow. :woman_shrugging:t2: your body is going through a ton of changes. Pregnancy is hard on the body.

Up your water intake to help with cramps.

Is this your first full term pregnancy? It could be triggering some contractions or it could just be muscle fatigue. I would definitely bring it up to your doctor though.


Sex with my ex at the end broke my water…


This is pretty typical. Your body is getting ready to have a baby. If you’re in pain or not comfortable, it’s okay to not have sex.

Sex definitely can be uncomfortable once you’re in your third trimester. Spoon position worked best for us.


Try laying on your side with him behind you like spooning you

She stop having sex until the baby is born. Be smart


You need to speak with your health care provider.


Here’s an idea: stop doing it🤷🏼‍♀️


Isn’t anything private anymore


For me, pain during and after sex was pretty normal. Spooning helped a bit, and so did being a bit more gentle. But I did notice that, no matter what, I had really intense Braxton hicks for hours afterward. It got to the point that the hours of discomfort was not worth the orgasm I might not have, and I had to cut back drastically on most types of sex.

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Maybe try stretching out your side before having sex? Lol.