Shoud I be concerned with my daughters speech?

I’m wondering if I should worry about my daughter. She is 14 months old and entirely on track with everything besides language. It look her a while to start babbling; she’s very quiet and observant. She’s started babbling but it’s all incoherent. We narrate what we do, have back and forth “conversation” with her, try to work on words, and read to her. She’s very passionate when she does talk by using her hands, inflection, making faces, different tones, and points to things. But what she’s saying is totally incoherent. She looks at us like, “Now respond, what I just said makes complete sense.” But it doesn’t. I can’t pick out specific, real words that she uses. She will have entire twenty or thirty minute back and forth conversations with us. When we read books or times like last week we went to the zoo (very socially distanced and didn’t touch anything, wore masks outside and inside, hand sanitizer, hardly anyone there, quarantining after) she points at different, specific things and makes (again incoherent) observations. She does understand so much of what we say that it’s shocking, we know because she responds appropriately through body language while she speaks. She does shake her head yes and no but doesn’t say the words. Should I be worried and ask her pediatrician tomorrow (we are talking mainly about sleep issues but I can add this in)? I’ve been thinking it’s fine for toddlers to babble like this but I’ve been reconsidering from seeing other posts in this group.


she still very young wouldnt be concerned until 2 or 3


All kids talk at different ages. I wouldn’t worry

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I have a friend dealing with this and by no means am I a doctor but they told her that her son is more than likely autistic and while he understands everything perfectly fine he is non verbal. Please bring it up that way they can have it in her charts and such and can look for a path forward for all of you. Best of luck and keep your head up momma

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I was concerned for a little while also but then she turned a corner and hasn’t stopped talking sense. She loves learning big words and using them.

Id bring it up but its highly unlikely to be a real problem. Kids talk at different ages. If the dr is concerned they will let you know. Our son was behind in speech as well as a toddler he didn’t reach the “milestones” the dr said he should but he’s 3 now and says some stuff that amazes me lol

My 15mo says dad, mum and bub… that’s it, I’m not worried


Id bring it up with the pediatrician but I wouldn’t worry too much yet. Teaching some simple sign language could be really helpful in developing language skills and also help you to better understand her. Look up baby sign language as a place to start. If anything she may qualify for early intervention at some point so definitely talk to you pediatrician about it.


I’d go ahead and mention it to the doctor and see what he thinks but I’m almost sure that she is fine and will get better the more she talks. Maybe keep us posted.

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There is no harm bringing it up. My son has a speech delay and I was put off by his doctor several times and she said if he was still having issues at 2.5-3 years old she would do a referral. By the time he got the referral, he was almost aged out of the program. They also told me the earlier the better for intervention. He is still getting speech therapy now, but I wish I would have pushed harder for a referral earlier. If your doctor won’t do a referral, contact your local school district. I didn’t know I didn’t even need a referral from the doctor for them to do an evaluation. And it is all free too. Good luck!


14 months is way too young to be that worried over it.


All kids develop in their own time… dont stress. The quiet ones tend to start talking out of nowhere, non-stop. Lol

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my niece is 16 months and she says just random stuff, blabbers, obviously meaning we can’t understand her i guess because she’s a baby. she says a few words that we understand (“what,” “yeah,” “no”) and maybe a few more words. we tell her “get your paci” only if it’s in sight and we point to it, i believe she knows that’s what we’re talking about, but not 100%. she understand, but a little coherent as well. all babies are different, but maybe me telling you a little of my nieces story helped you :))

Get her ears checked.

My middle one they were concerned about her speech. She started preschool at 3. She just turned 6. She’s on track with everything but speech. She’s gotten a lot better but she has a iep at school. Talk to your doctor, I had speech issues as a child and so did my husband.

Teach her sign language


My 2yo grandson only says bout 10-15 words ppl understand his Dr said don’t worry bout it till he’s like 3 or 4

My oldest didn’t talk until she was 2… She’s doing fine mom… Don’t stress to much about it

My 19mo knows quite a few words, but she doesn’t make coherent full sentences yet and she won’t for a while. She is just barely putting two words together (that star, that puppy, what that, etc.) And its usually mixed in with a incoherent jumbled mess of a “sentence”. Like, “incoherent blabber, it daddy, incoherent blabber.” I think your baby is doing fine an will continue to learn as they age. Also! My now 4yo didn’t talk until she was 2.5. She knew the words, but she just didn’t use them really.