Should bio parents co-parent with the steps parents as well?

My personal opinion is yes especially if they’re are kids on both sides. Because even though the stepparent isn’t their bio parent they are still a very important active role in child/rens’ lives and are there just as much as a bio parent. Opinion?


Absolutely, step parents chose that role!!! If not for “step” parents some kids would have no parents at all!!!


I absolutely agree my husband has totally taken over the role for my oldest son which is his stepson I however was not given any option for my opinions or really respected in anything that I had to say when it came to his son…

YES - in a lot of cases , the “step parent” is the one doing most of the care.


Yes, unfortunately not everyone will be willing to do so

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It also shows maturity between parents and an ability to work together and towards what is best for the child :slightly_smiling_face:

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Step or not that is not your responsibility, you can love and guide, but you have no right to discipline or make big decisions. Unless of course all adults agree…


Yes. All the adults in a child’s life who will be responsible in part for raising said child, as some kids end up with 4, 2 bio and 2 step parents at least, should be working together for the benefit of the child. Anything else is just holding them all back.


Yes l do . Work together on this … l found if you don’t, your step children will walk all over the step parent ,and still demand everything and even throw it in their faces, even more so even though you have no rights as a step parent you still have to be responsible for the kids in your care …


Definitely parents are just that parents(step or bio) all people involved in bringing up the child and or those who are an active part of the child’s life(relatives and close family friends) should all be communicating and keeping things uniform for the child when everyone is on same page then everyone can have a healthy happy relationship with the child… only one who gets to make exceptions is grandparents(who don’t live with the child) it’s grandparents place to spoil the grandkids

Yes they should unless the step parent is clearly toxic or causing harm.

I am a step parent. Alot of females are going to say no do to the fact they feel that their children are going to get close to the step parent. Very hard coparenting with a narcissist


Should, but if they are unable to for whatever reason, bios should have final say for all things concerning children.

My ex remarried and he totally stepped out of the parenting role and put her into it. It’s not her place. She creates a lot of drama and issues between him and I for trying to dominate the situation. Our son moved in with me full time to get away from her and my daughter is moving at the end of the school year. She totally cost him his relationship with the kids. Know your role as the step parent

Yes, but sometimes the other parent makes it impossible to coparent


Yes. Everyone should work together to help raise the children. The decisions affect the stepparent’s lives as well so why should they not get a say.

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Absolutely if it’s possible. I think it will serve the child better to see the adults working together for their good

Yes when they marry you they are part of the family

Me and my ex co-parent with his mrs… we don’t have no problem, we all love the kids and want what’s best for them and the kids are happy too see us get on (even if we ain’t keen on each other)

As someone that was always the step kid, I say no. Step parents made my life hell because they felt like they had the right to.