Should children have cell phones?

What’s everyone’s opinion on children having cell phones?


Depends on the kind of phone and their maturity level and if they truly understand certain dangers of the internet

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A basic cellphone, yes. Absolutely no social media however.

My six year old certainly does not need a phone. When he gets a phone it will very basic, no internet.

Mine only has one for app games and YouTube.

A basic cell phone or maybe something that only allows you to only call a few numbers? Possibly. Something with social media? Absolutely not.

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Too late to ask that question. They all have them now. Even babies sit around watching them.

I think they need a cell phone for calling but should not have social media on a cell phone until they get a little older. They can use a home computer for school work, but as far as a child, they only need a way to contact parents or parents to contact them

My 13 year old does, yes.

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I only let my child use it for the pbs kids app since it is deactivated. But if you are talking about for phone calls then it depends on how responsible they are.

It depends on their age and what kind of phone. I was 9 when I got my first phone, it was a flip phone and I got it because I walked home from school every day. I didn’t get a smart phone and social media till I was an 8th grader

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I mean my almost 19 year old is still my child…so what age are we talking about here

If child is at a very young age, a trac phone just for contact purposes, no internet! To many Pedifiles today!

Got my stepdaughter a 8 plus didn’t turn it on tho it only runs on WiFi

My 12 year old does, his 12 year old friend does, my son has had one for a long time… my 4 year old does not have his own but he watches YouTube kids on my phone

Basic tracfone no data :grin::grin:my son had one since 6 years old . Daycare so he could contact me if need be

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I have latch key kids, the phones are locked to only call and text a few numbers/emergency numbers. Camera use is even locked down. It’s an emergency phone, and that alone. My kids use it if they miss the transit bus so I can track the next bus. I can also track their movement if they are late and I haven’t heard from them. That’s it…

My daughter is 12 she’s had one for over a year now only because she started walking to school. It’s a basic plan with no internet. We also have restrictions on it and time limits. Also not an iPhone it’s a cheap phone.


I’ve decided to remove electronics from the house.i have watched the outcome of a summer online and believe it’s time for back to basics


My 7 year old just got her own phone. She isn’t allowed social media, she can play games and listen to music. It’s mostly for emergencies she is left along for 45 minutes to an hour on school nights. And the phone e isn’t allowed to leave our property