Should children have cell phones?

I say no smart phone until they show they’re responsible enough to be trusted with one. They make phones that can only be used to make and receive calls

My son is 13 he may use my phone to call/text his friends. But until he proves himself attitude/responsability/chores/school work he ain’t getting his own phone. If I have to work for what I want so does he.


No phone until they can do responsibilities around the house to earn one & only for calling/txtn me in an emergency.

My 2 oldest kids got one as a gift for graduation grade 8 but they always pay the bill.Now my third child he has my old phone play games and YouTube he is 12 years old

I have a step daughter who has a phone so she can get in contact with her dad and me . And she’s only 12 very responsible and she’s a great kid .no issues with it .I guess it really depends on the situation.

not till there old enough to absolutely need one but young no. my older daughter when she was in school didnt have one till about jr.high high school for after school events if couldnt get to a phone.any younger no thats my oppion

I got one when I was 16 bc my first car broke down all the time and I was constantly stranded. My mom didn’t want me walking through town after dark (I got off work at 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays). Seemed like we repaired everything on that damn car :rofl::joy:

i lived in town and my parents always told me, i can get a phone when i can pay for it and that didn’t happen till grade 11. honestly at the time i hated not having one but looking back it didn’t matter. i had an ipod and everywhere has wifi. my bf on the other hand had just a cheap phone at age 11 but he lived on a farm and took the bus to school and such. so in my opinion it depends what your situation is

5 years old let get real

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I got my first one when I was 8 so I could walk home from school. Just a little pay as you go, and texting wasn’t so big back then so I didn’t have that. Now that’s smartphones are everywhere it’s different. But just a simple phone for emergencies seems okay nowadays.

Its a luxury you earn. I provided the laptops. When they can pay for a phone bill, they can have it.


For me it depends on age, maturity, how rough the area is you live in, and behaviour. Mine take to school and back so I can contact them and vice versa then they go straight in the drawer until they have done their homework and had dinner and then they will have 1/2 hours leisure time on them, but if they misbehave they lose their device the next night


I think it’s kind of a neccessity once they hit school and start going to friends houses. I would like to know where my kid is and if they need me. Not a smart phone but like a flip phone so they can call me.


That depends, this day in age it’s safe as long as you monitor what they do and track them . Too many child kidnappings
We do tablets for ours since we home school since 2013. As they get older we will do phones.

Depends you gotta be careful…for example that man who shot himself on Facebook live…lots of kids saw that

Once they go to high school yeah thats fine but before that is a no go

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Middle school if they start sports or high school. It has worked for us not any younger.

Depends on the ages tbh and reasons. When I was growing up I wasn’t allowed to have one until I could pay for it alone. However, with the way things are in the world I would have a cheap prepaid for my daughter so that should anything happen where they need help or are in an uncomfortable situation they would have a way to contact me

I allowed my three kids cell phones after they got a job to pay for them. All three did and bought their own. One was 15, the other two were 16.

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At my house the rule is 13 years old with NO social media. Social media only after you can get your own cell contract.