Should dad help pay for childcare?

If you have one school-age child and an infant and you need a sitter, so you don’t lose your good job. Both parents work dad makes 3x your pay. You have your own bills and pay all your children’s needs, and you’re basically broke. The mother-in-law was watching the baby, and charging 200 a month sounds great, right? However, mom could only afford a hundred after paying for her, and her kids need Dad making twice as much has not contributed a dollar but gets upset that you can’t pay his mom $200. Then gets mad if you mention anything relating to his mother( ie, she has a rash she didn’t listen to when I said she needs to be changed a lot or diapers burn her bum, or your mom has left the bottle upside down dirty on the counter and is attracted ants yet again or he b****** that you for working later and that’s because his mom showed up late every single morning) has a fit because you told him he’s not stepping up then tells his mother (because you express your feeling of lack of help and lack of being a father, and was trying to go on trip to see great grandma before she passes) she’s not paying you(wasnt 1st of month) so mother-in-law quits watching child. Now, the mother is about to lose her job, which pays for the children’s insurance and benifits Ian has a better job but not as good pay. Who should be paying for childcare I say 50/50 he says I should pay it all, so I looked into daycare, and it’s $200 a week(800$ a month) in my area and. I deff can’t afford that! he refuses to help so I can keep


Are you together? I dont understand…
If your not together is there a CO that goes over Chad care expenses???
It should be 50/50 for childcare. Always.


If hes not contributing at all then he should be paying the whole $200. If not, he should at least be paying half. Hes the father and he has responsibilities.

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Um no.
ALL money gets puts in the pot. Bills paid. That includes kid(s)’ expenses like day care, diapers, school fees etc
Then extra is discussed. What’s going in savings…who wants what…what can be afforded…
Saved for a bigger item later? Etc
None of this his pay, her pay bullshit.
It’s ALL BOTH y’all’s pay checks. Just saying.🤷

Does he pay court ordered child support? If he does your only option is to take him back for modification. If he doesn’t…take him to court for support and include the price of outside daycare and not his mother.


I’m confused by this run on sentence.
1.are you together or not
2. stop making the guy be the go between, if you have issues you and the mother/grandma need to sit down and hash it out between the 2 of you like adults


Child support is a real thing…file for it. The courts will also stipulate 50/50 on things like childcare, insurance and whatever else.


Look into programs for single moms in your area that will help cover child care expenses. Go through a legitimate facility where your baby wont have butt rash from sitting in a wet diaper for hours. Then go to court and file for child support even if you are living together. If you’re married then forget everything I just said, but from the sound of it theres no way in hell yall are married if he cant even help with his own children.


Does he pay child support if yes this is one of the things it goes towards

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I think I would have an easier time reading Latin…


Sound like he dont want y 5o work controlling much I get out

I think they are together but he pays bills and she pays some. Well the child is both yalls so each of you pay $100.

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Take him to court for child support.

Well if your not together get him for child support.

It sounds like you guys are together and he doesn’t pay anything at all. That’s not how a relationship works. A relationship is a partnership and you each help take care of everything TOGETHER. Even if you’re not together he should still help. He needs to help pay for the kids he helped make🤦🏼‍♀️it’s that simple. I couldn’t be with someone like that🤷🏼‍♀️


Wow stay at home then and see what he pays for some men

Show him a print out of how much a month he’d be paying in child support with his income 🤷 tell him he can do one or the other.

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If he refuses to pay, take his ass to court. In some states, the father actually has to pay for the entire childcare, but in MOST cases, dad has to pay 50/50.

If your still with him your stupid leave!! And file for child support immediately either way!! Smh​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:


I stopped reading 1/3rd in

If you’re both working, you are both responsible for the cost of childcare.