Should I allow my ex to be in the room while I give birth?

I found out my husband was cheating, so I signed a divorce paper. Well, I am currently eight months pregnant. He says he wants nothing to do with me but wants to be at the birth and in the kid’s life. Should I allow him at the birth? Should I allow him to see the kid while at the hospital but not the birth? Should his mom still be invited to the hospital to see her grandchildren?


I’ll say have someone supportive with you in the room, he doesn’t need to be in the delivery room! I would have his ass wait in the waiting room because he wasn’t supportive during your pregnancy! Let someone else enjoy that experience and moment like maybe your mom, best friend, cousin or sister. He can have a seat with the guest!


Him & his mama can wait in the waiting room TOGETHER… while you and the help of a loved one deliver the baby. He had the nerve to cheat on you & tell you he wants nothing todo with you, but thinks he should be allowed in while in delivery? Hell to the NO. Giving birth is a special bonding moment (between all parties) that he decide wasn’t important enough when he cheated. Telling him no he can’t be in the room but he is still invited to visit will show his character a little more too.


Absolutely Not in the delivery room…All the hurt he put you through girl baby felt that too… He Can wait outside!!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wait till after birth. Laboring is the mother’s job. Have someone there with you that will support you through that. He can’t wait until the baby is born. Trust me. The baby won’t remember their first day of life nor who was there.


It is up to you. I would call them and invite them to the hospital after i gave birth. They need to be in the childs life.

I agree with Samantha!!!

I wouldn’t let the father in NO WAY! But the the grandmother she didn’t have nothing to do with what he did so I would let her come to your house & see the baby

A child should be allowed to receive as much love as possible. As a grandmother, I am SO LUCKY that I get to be involved with my grandbabies … I would be just heartbroken if I couldn’t see them.
I don’t know your situation, but if you have the opportunity to allow your child the love of family…do it!


It takes a village to raise a child. The more people you have in your child’s life the more well-rounded your child will be


At the birth is completely up to you and ur comfort level with him in the room. But if he can be a good dad, be there for his child, a good role model then yes he needs to make a bond with his child early


It’s whatever u feel comfortable with


You had the chance to love him, allow your child the chance !

In the room, a little much for me but to each their own

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A lot to take into consideration here. Is this his first child if so he needs to be in the room as long as he shows no disrespect or drama while in the room. I know y’all have your differences, but dnt be bitter in such a beautiful time. There no room for bitter feelings in times like this. Set your differences aside. Give him the choice to be there or to not. Be the better person even if you feel terrible towards him. Set good co parenting behaviors right from the start. Never tell your child what he did to you. That’s between you and him. Be respectful even if it’s not deserved. This however isn’t a proper time to be petty. Give him the choice. As for the grandmother yes she should be included.

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She didn’t say that she doesn’t want him involved with the baby. He doesn’t need to be in the delivery room. Giving birth is an ordeal, mentally and physically. He made it clear that he isn’t showing up to support her and they are divorced. He is not entitled to intimacy and this is about her being supported. He doesn’t need to be in the room for any other reason than to sooth his ego. When he tells his child that he wasn’t in the delivery because he and mom divorced over his infidelity, he will just have to live with it.

Literally noone else can tell u this.
It’s how u feel and how much support u want/need

I ask my kids dad ro and he didnt show up…

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He can wait in the waiting room…and of course his mom be there, in the waiting room.


No to the birth. That’s a sacred time… I would bring someone else who will help me feel calm & supported. After the baby is born, dad and his mom can come visit.


I did. He didnt see me my while pregnancy. He was at birth