Should I ask for a raise?

Hi, I would like an anonymous post. I recently started being a nanny for a couple. They have three kids. A boy that’s 4, a girl 2, and a baby boy that’s seven months old. The oldest two go to daycare, so I was hired for the baby. When I was hired, I was asked about light housekeeping, such as helping her get caught up on laundry, which is no problem. However, I have noticed that there are days I come in and have all three kids. I am finding that I am responsible for breakfast and lunch, all the laundry in the house, cleaning the bathrooms, taking out the trash, cleaning dishes from the night before( they will eat and leave them on the table). If they receive packages, they will tear open the packages and leave the packing strewn all over the floor for me to pick up. I really like the kids and the parents, but should I bring this to their attention or ask for a raise? I work six days a week, 8.5 hours a day.


Ask for a raise if your doing more than agreed upon


Um yes!!! Absolutely. You should be getting paid at least double if not triple since you are doing triple the amount of work agr Ed upon


No raise… but talk to them and write out what was agreed to and then write what you are actually doing… see what is said…


You need a set amount for example 20 a kid plus 10 each additional a day, 5 dollars a meal and 5 a room/chore not exactly those numbers but you get the idea

Depends how much you make.
Some people really have it good but want more becoming unreasonable

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Yes…they are taking advantage of you!


Yes, your doing more than what you agreed to. The more you do without saying anything the more they will except. Been there. You need to say something. ASAP

Depends on how much you make. If they were paying me well…I wouldn’t ask for a raise. However,if getting paid like just taking care of a baby and doing laundry …then yes. I would sit them down and talk it over. Tell them you agreed to watch the baby and do laundry,but not constantly be cleaning up after everyone all the time. Sounds like they kind of take advantage if not even tossing trash in the trash anymore…

Yes! Get your money. They aren’t embarrassed leaving a mess, don’t be embarrassed asking for fair wages.


Sounds like they are taking advantage of you and they know it, probably waiting to see how much you’ll put up with for free. Once you let someone disrespect you it only snowballs from there, you deserve to be paid for your extra duties.


Yes you are doing more

Some one is taking advantage of your hospitality, money talks .

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I employ a nanny. Your location and current rate of pay would be helpful to know to give you the best advice here, but if you’re being paid market rate or lower for the original job description, then yes, ask for a raise. But also know that these parents will try to take advantage of you at every turn. Set your clear boundaries and expectations. And question every single thing that is outside your job description (i.e. watching the extra two kids).


So you are the maid?

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It’s hard to say without knowing how much ur making and what area u are in (different rates)

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I’m 32… and I helped babysit a 1 year old boy and his toddler brother sometimes… from 7am to dark and I would only get $10. :flushed::flushed:. I was around 20-21… which is crazy now I think about it.
Even then when I thought about it, it would just make me mad. But I loved those babies like they were my own. I would definitely ask them to sit down and have a good conversation with you. Cause you do deserve a raise.

They are taking advantage of you! You definitely need to ask for a raise…


Stop doing it and tell them you need more money if your watching all three kids especially if they want you to clean

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Absolutely! You’ve become the “mom”! They’re taking advantage of you.