Should I ask for a raise?

I was a nanny for 12 years… you were hired for one child and light housekeeping. Since there is significantly more work, you absolutely deserve a raise. Tell them that given the job has required more than “light” housekeeping now, you would either like a raise, or if they choose, they can omit the housework and keep your wages the same.


I make 150/day to clean 3bdrms, 2 1/2 baths house, it’s an 8-10hr day typically.

You are doing more then you were asked when hired, you are also taking on the other 2 most days you get there. I’d be asking for more an hr, if they say no then stick to what was agreed with at the time you were hired.

Of course u have to! Its not fair for you to get paid a little and doing a lot


Start a price list of what everything costs? How much per kid, how much for dishes, cleaning the bathroom etc. Price per job maybe?


Most definitely. Sounds like theyre taking advantage of you


I have three kids those exact ages and boy/girl mix. For a minute I wondered if I had a nanny lol. But I wouldn’t even expect you to clean up my house for messes the kids made while you were watching them, much less messes made while you weren’t even there. Leave them girl and come nanny for us!!
Jk I’m not much help but you definitely deserve a raise.


U only do what u get payed 4 deff dont do whats not in ur job discripion n if questioned theirs ur open space to mention what uv just qustioned

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They are taking advantage of you, I’d ask for a raise


Keep a diary / list of things you do as you do them and then discuss this with them. Don’t do extra work for free, it’s the fastest way to get used.


Ab-so-freakn-lutely hun :exploding_head:

If they don’t ask you to clean it don’t they can be sloppy and clean up after themselves

Definitely more work more pay

They are taking advantage of you demand a raise and give them a separate bill for your cleaning services

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They are definitely taking advantage of you. I would absolutely ask for a raise or kindly say you don’t want to spend your whole time cleaning up from their previous messes and current messes plus take care of 3 kiddos. It’s just not fair unless you’re getting a very good wage already. Good luck! :blush:

Heck yes! You are there to babysit the baby. Don’t clean unless you agreed upon certain responsibilities when you first started. I would bring it up to them in a polite manner that you have noticed you are taking care of all 3 children & what your rates are. Tell them you also charge for cleaning. & they’re free trial is OVER. Babysitting and cleaning are two different duties & you should charge. They are very inconsiderate if they haven’t even given you a little extra, knowing that they are throwing more responsibilities your way.

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Depends what you’re making now, but you were hired to care for one baby so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you’re not making a whole ton of money.
If you’re having to be their chef, maid, and nanny then yes you most certainly should ask for a raise. Especially if you’re needing to clean bathrooms and they want to act like utter slobs, expecting you to just do it all.

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Me personally would mention job has increased in chores and extra kids so pay should reflect this. Or if laundry and jobs are stopping you paying attention to kids. Leave their mess to them for when they get home.


I definitely would sit down and re go over your terms and if they want more done then yes ask for a raise and explain why.


Yeah they are taking advantage of you .