Should I ask for money or just quit?

I need advice!! I currently watch a relative’s two children with another on the way! I love them dearly, but I’m starting to feel like I’m being taken advantage of. I work about 30 hours a week, sometimes more. I clean the house, feed them, ECT. I receive $400 a month, and when you break it down, it’s less than $4 an hour. I’ve had to turn down job offers because the schedule conflicts with watching the kids. I intend to get an evening job, but they aren’t always home by 5, making things very difficult to do so. My question is, what would y’all do? Would you ask for more money or let them know you can no longer do it? Once the third baby gets here, the workload will double, and the pay is already not worth it. Help me lol.


I’d look for a regular job. Heck now you have great nanny and child care experience and in a time when individual child care is a booming market. If they can pay you what you can earn in childcare great. If not theres better opportunities


They won’t know how you feel about the compensation if you don’t tell them. If it were me, I’d lay out my case and indicate that you need a living wage and totally understand if they can’t offer that, but you’ll need to take other work if that is the case. I’m not sure how they are going to find anyone for under $15 per hour for two kids, an infant, housecleaning, cooking, etc.


You helped out as much as you could. But you know your worth and the one thing you know and feel is that they aren’t paying you more. Speak to them and if they don’t raise the price then that’s fine just let them know when you find a job that you can no longer watch them. Because you need to look out for yourself as well.


They HAVE to know that won’t pay your rent, Let alone groceries… That is not even minimum wage… Daycare centers charge that for one child for one week. You have to let them know …


We’ve been duped again. This is a post from August 2020. I thought these reposts stopped? Or is Mamas Uncut just using really old popular posts so they get the traffic through the page?


At this point, you love your relative dearly and it seems like you’re putting their needs before yours. You still need a liveable wage to pay bills, etc.

At some point you need to yourself and family first.


That’s not a job! I’d move on. They’re tanning advantage of you 100%. Don’t feel bad!

U should be making triple the money!!

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Quit unless you demand a good pay increase

Just tell them your going to have to look for alternative work unless they can accommodate your needs. $4 an hour is absolutely laughable!


I think you need to sit down and talk to them and let them know its getting to be to much you just can’t do it for such little pay unless you know it’s to be stopping in a short time frame otherwise you can’t keep working for nothing

You need to sit down and tell them that it’s time for you to find work elsewhere. No one can survive on $400 a month, they know that. They’re saving a fortune by only paying you $400! Im currently staying home right now with my daughter because daycare was 1,200 a month! That’s for one child.
Not only are you watching these kiddos, you’re cleaning the house too. They’re family, so you wanna be nice about it too, good luck!


Tell them straight out you need more money and they are preventing you from working a second job, so if they can’t compensate you then you’re going to have to quit. Daycare or having a nanny isn’t cheap. So if they can’t afford to pay you accordingly then that’s not your problem.


Daycare is more than $400 a month for one child. I’d ask and if they say no quit.

Know your worth and don’t let anybody breach that. People are really selfish these days.

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Speak up hun! They could be completely open to paying you more! Tell them your situation! :heart::heart:

Ask for more $ or tell them you’re considering getting a job because the amount your making is not an amount you can live off of. Maybe they’ll just offer you more ?
I pay $250 per week to a family member to take care of my 2 toddlers. She only wanted $40 a day but I know that she deserves more so I decided on paying $50/day. However she does take care of my 8 year old daughter at no charge and I also send food/snacks/drinks for my kids.

I would quit babysitting. They are not paying enough to interfere with a job that does.


Two kids plus housekeeping is worth at least $15 and hour. Quit and find a job where they respect you and pay you what you’re worth.