Should I ask my boyfriend why he hasn't tried to see his child?

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year. We have a baby due on April 2 via c-section. He has two teenagers and a three-year-old from separate mothers that we see every other weekend. Recently, he was supposed to meet with the 3 yr olds mother to get on the same page as far as discipline, but she never showed up. The weekend we were supposed to get the 3 yr old, I asked him to text her and make sure we were going to get him. He told me he did and that he was waiting for her to text him back. When I checked his phone, he had never texted her at all. Up until recently, he has been adamant about his youngest, but it seems like he has given up. We have not seen the 3 yr old in 2 months. Should I ask him why he lied and why he never got ahold of her? Or should I keep out of the whole thing?


You should ask about it.
If he’s lying to you about msging her and stuff there’s more to it then just that.


You seriously shouldn’t even be going through his phone! That’s not your place nor your business!!! As far as him not seeing the child that’s his choice not yours…


Technically if y’all are together everything is your business because y’all are all a family, but I wouldn’t stay with a deadbeat, if he can’t help support his other kids he isn’t gonna help support the baby he is having with you, I’d definitely be asking a bunch of questions looking for answers


Why you snooping on his phone?


I would ask communication is key and he should get into the healthy habit. Id be worried if he does it with him will he do this with our kid if we were to break up. Just talk to him maybe hes afraid.

Mmm, I would reach out to the mother.
You have a right to miss the baby and want to say hello and how he’s doing.
I would probably give the dad a heads up and ask if he’d like to be involved too.

Maybe he is seeing the kid on his own. But yea I would ask him why he lied.

If you’ve been together for a year how come you don’t have the mothers number god forbid an emergency. If you do I would contact her and ask her how the child is doing that you miss him. Ask if everything is alright since you haven’t seen him.

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If you’re snooping then I am guessing there are other issues going on. You should definitely DEFINITELY talk to him! If you can’t trust him then you need to know now not after your baby is here.

You should find out why for sure

Definitely approach him on this.

Little lies lead to bigger lies!!!

I’d never be with a boy who doesn’t see their kids regularly. A real man would never give up and make sure he sees his kids regularly.

That would be a red flag.


Mind your business, not your kid, good you make efforts but again not your business. :man_shrugging:t4:


Not. Your. Business.

You’re better off asking yourself how well do you really know him. You say you have been together 1 yr, yet you are about to have a baby. Math says you with him what 3 months before you got pregnant? You obviously don’t trust him of you’re going through his phone


You don’t need to be nowhere near that situation


Look up the “Nacho kid” method. Nacho kid Nacho problem.


Keep out of it. Its between him and his child’s mother.