Should I ask my ex to help with daycare?

I’ve recently put my 2 children in daycare. My kids dad has them every other Thursday and Friday and he will be sending them to daycare as well while he’s at work. My question is should he pay for those 2 days, or is it not even worth fighting over? He hasn’t offered to pay and it won’t be a lot of help but it would be some help. I just didn’t know if it would be worth fighting over.


He should be paying half of the total bill, period.


Does he pay child support ?

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Yes. Hes also using daycare so he should be paying half.


Yes. That is part of it. And cs dont always cover cost of their needs plus daycare so yes he should help.


Why shouldnt he be helping you pay for that? He did make them as well.


He should be paying half!


Even if he does pay child support the right thing to do is pay half for all the major expenses

For sure it’s his days!

He needs to pay for the days he takes them while he is at work.

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U can ask but unless it’s court ordered he doesn’t have to. Good luck :two_hearts:

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He wants days he pays for his days
In my opinion
But don’t listen to me I only get 32 dollars a month once every 6 months so wtf knows!
He plays the system


That’s something you’d have to weigh the pros and cons with depending on your compare ting relationship with him. Personally I think if this is an issue you should’ve talked to him before enrolling them into daycare, involving him in the process, finding a place he can afford etc.


You have kids together equal share

He should pay for half of every day!

He needs to pay for his days

I would ask him to pay for his days. I wouldn’t pay for days that they are with them and he is taking them to daycare. That is his responsibility. Just like it’s yours on your days

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Talk to him and see if he is willing it doesn’t hurt to ask but don’t be relying on it

Um yes. Thats his time… He should be doing half the cost of the whole week really

Wouldn’t hurt to try. If not, then I guess oh well 🤷