Should I ask my ex to spend more time with our child?

Should I ask my ex to spend more time with our daughter or just leave him be? It’s been five months since he left. In the first month, he would see her every weekend and would notify me in case he can’t come. Later on, 2 or 3 weeks would pass before he sees her or takes her to his family. The last time he took her was on Christmas day. We fought over text then because of a misunderstanding with my mother. Since then, he hasn’t seen my daughter or even asked how she is. Apart from that argument on Christmas, I was kind and decent in interacting with him. There was no drama. I let him be. We are not married. Where I live, the mother has sole custody if the parents are unmarried, but I don’t have plans of keeping him from our daughter, and I want him to be a part of her life. She is almost three years old now. I love her to death, but there are days when I badly need rest and alone time. I think of asking him to take her for a day, so I could have some time to myself, but his lack of initiative and efforts in spending time with her speaks volumes to me. I worry that my daughter would feel neglected one day when she grows up.


just leave it be, cause it’s just gonna make him not have any contact at all with her and it seems that’s what he wants right now


He’s a pig. You know what he’s doing don’t even question it. Take care of your kid and keep it pushing. Reach out to family for a break or find a reliable babysitter you trust. Leave it alone fuck him

Just let him be. Be thankful he gone. Some guys only sees the kids to get even with the mom. And they just want to be evil. Just leave him be.


You cant force anyone to spend time with anyone.

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Coming from someone who is currently dealing with an emotionally damaged 11 year old because I pushed for her dad to be in her life and now he isn’t; just leave it be. If he doesn’t want to be there, you can’t make him. I BEGGED my daughters father to be a dad to her…now he barely gives her the time of day and comes and goes.


Nope. Leave him alone.


I know a girl that would cut a pad in half and put one in each cup, she swore by it


If he’s not putting the effort into your daughter don’t force him. Or he will treat her resentfully.


You need to be honest with him. For your needs and hers. And ask him what his intentions are, so you know.


No you should absolutely not. You should not have to beg the other parent to be a parent. If he calls definitely work with him though

Cant force a relationship…want alone time…pay for day care/sitter once in a while.


If he wants to see her he will

If he isn’t putting himself in the situation of being a father and seeing his child that isn’t going to change. Sure you can ask and talk to him but it sounds like he doesn’t give a hoot and it may drive him further away from his child. I know we want rest and “me times” but being a single parent you’ll never see the light of day so to speak. No “me time” while they are young.


You shouldn’t have to chase him or beg him to see his daughter, if he cared that much he would do it on his own accord.

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Leave it be
If he wanted to be in her life he would be making the effort
Do not use him as a babysitter for his own child
Find someone else to watch her


Leave him be. If he wants to be a part of your child’s life, he’ll be there. Sometimes this is for the best.

If he knows where you are, then if he really wanted to, he could take the initiative. You can’t beg someone to be a true dad for his child. That’s the sad reality. Hopefully you have other supportive people in your life who can give you a break when you need it.

Well did he pay attention to her when u guys were together? If not then I’d leave him alone

Leave him be. Not your responsibility to make sure he sees his own child!