Should I be concerned about how little my toddler talks?

My 15-month-old doesn’t try mimic words I say to him or show any interest to. He understands everything I ask him to do and points at what he wants. The only word he says is mom or mama. So my question is should I be worried or is he just going to talk when he’s ready to?


Check with his doctor

My 15 month old just grunts and points… He can say a few words like ball,bubba and bye bye … His doctor said it’s normal

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I wouldn’t worry he is still young and has plenty of time! Just keep talking to him and teaching him as you go. He will catch on.

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My son’s speech therapist said not to give them things with pointing. She had us say the word and wait until he made a sound, any sound, to give it to him.


I have a 2 and a half year old and he only says a few words, I spoke to my hv about speech therapy and I got told nothing is really a concern until they start going to nursery xxx

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My daughter didn’t talk much at 15 months either now she is 21 months and talks like crazy and is saying new words daily also knows her abc song. Just keep working with them and it will come. But you can always talk to your Dr and see what they think also.

He will come around. They all grow at different paces. Before you know it he’ll be talking a mile a minute with 400 questions a day.

I had a little girl in my room who was 3 who didn’t talk she was very shy she came back after christmas and we couldn’t get her to be quiet it was lovley to see :heart_eyes: all children are different xx

Make sure he isn’t tongue tied, my grandson was it is easily rectified, good luck.

No a child will talk when they are comfortable to do so if he understands everyhng u say its a good sign he may just be shy. I didnt start tlking till i was 3 cos i was shy x

My som needed to be evaluated by 2. When he was two peds said “he was using 18m language” pointing is good but with pointing say the word it is and keep doing it. Also start sign language its kinda fun and then sign and talk at the same time.

Encourage him to use his words. Don’t give into pointing at things. The longer you do that the longer he will have no motivation to talk.

I don’t have that problem with my own kid but my mom had it with me. She said what worked (what her doctor told her to do) and give me a choice between two things, like apple or orange juice and wouldn’t give me either until I said out loud what I wanted

He is still young. I don’t want to say yes or no because every child is different but three of my children were “late” talkers. The first two really started talking at about 2.5 years. My youngest started about a month after he turned 3. He will need speech therapy for some of his sounds but he is incredibly smart and just didn’t want to talk.

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My son will be 3 in November and he only says a few words. I have him in speech therapy and he’s been making progress but I just put him in daycare 2 months ago and he’s been making even more progress. Each child is different. With my son he’s extremely independent. Instead of asking for something he’ll just go get it himself. Sometimes it’s just a matter of them not wanting to. But still bring it up with the pediatrician.

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I always get flack for this.

There are milestones for a reason… If your child is not reaching tgem within three months find out why

There could be a speech delay or hearing loss.

Stoop believing each kid developeson their own pace. It can be damaging.


My daughter is 15 months also and she doesn’t even point at things she wants yet. She does mimic words like duck and cat etc but she can’t say them properly. I’m not worried at all. I can see that she is progressing in other ways and that she’s trying. All kids are different. I wouldn’t worry yourself about it. As long as he is eating, pooping and alert, I think you’re fine

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My 6 year old doesn’t speak he does have a few words but I wouldn’t worry he’ll start when he’s ready my son doesnt speak but my daughter doesnt shut up lol

Always check with a pedi if you are concerned… I was concerned at 15m… now at 2, he has more words than I ever imagined him having at 15m and still has all of his baby sign language too. Will I still probably look into some speech therapy for him? Yes because certain sounds are still quite difficult for him and he does this weird thing where he turns his tongue sideways, but he is so much further along than he was at 15m, so breathe and keep talking and reading to him!