Should I be concerned about my childrens behavior?

My daughter is six and talks about farting and poop and butts all day, and I run a day home, and now all the other kids are doing it too. It is extremely frustrating because they all just laugh I’m trying to focus on, “we don’t talk about our privates we only talk about it with our parents, no one needs to know we farted it happens” because it’s constant every fart in our house is acknowledged, and it is exhausting… The other parents are starting to notice as well I had given the girls a picture to paint and they’re drawing pictures of butts, and they are 5 and 6, and they’re just laughing about it Am i crazy to overreact about this or is this something that I need to say absolutely not acceptable??


Hmm what are they watching ?

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What is being talked about around them ?

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Lol… I don’t know my grown husband and 10yr son talk about farts all day. 🤦


My boys did this. Its a phase.

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This is pretty common

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She must’ve learned it from some other child, but It sounds normal to me. I feel like at that age they’ll talk about it because they think it’s funny, but I would of course not condone it. Keep on telling them it’s not acceptable for sure. They’re just being kids

Hey I remember being very young and my favorite word was “butthole” lmaoo

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I still think its funny talking about butts and farts lol


All kids talk about farts and think they are funny. Focus on it, and they’ll keep doing it.

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I would say that’s pretty normal. I remember my brothers doing it and my daughters all do it.
I feel like the more you try to stop it the more they will talk about it because they are getting a reaction out of you. Try to ignore it and maybe it will stop!

This is normal and you are overreacting. Your reaction is probably making it worse🤷🏻‍♀️


My 2 yr old daughter calls out me and my husband and says “toot” when we fart. She also says it when she farts… we just laugh and laugh…

Some kids (or grown ass adults) find butts and farts funny. Just keep educating and encouraging her to find it funny to herself. Myc3 year old is obsessed with these things

You are crazy. Sorry but kids talk about stuff like that


Its normal… and funny to them cause they are small…

Just keep pushing it, but it’s definitely normal for kids… and adults :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:

Part of the fun for them is irritating you and the other adults around them. So long as you dont suspect there is some kind of abuse that has led to this behavior I would ignore it. The more attention you give to it the more power it has. Kids have mastered this

I think it is totally normal. My kids, sons and daughter included went through a phase where it was all they talked about and also would just laugh.

Totally normal and a phase lol it does get better. Tell them that is potty talk and it is not acceptable in front of others if they want to talk that way they (1 person at a time) can go stand in the bathroom look in the mirror and say it all they want . Broke my grandson of it pretty quick wasn’t as much fun if he didn’t have an audience.