Should I be concerned about my childs underbite?

My son will be two in a few months, and he has an underbite. Even when he got his first few teeth, we noticed it when he smiled. His maternal grandfather has an underbite that he never got fixed and has no trouble with it. Has anyone else had a child with an underbite and left it or gotten it fixed?

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My son does. It causes him a speech problem, but they won’t fix it until he loses his baby teeth.

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Underbite as in they lower teeth are in front of the uppers when his jaw is closed? Yes have a pediatric dentist look at him and many an early ortho consultant

My son did and we chose to work with the orthodontist to have it corrected. We couldn’t do anything about it until he was about 8 or so. His dad had one and didn’t do anything about it until he was a teenager and he had a lot of problems because of it.

One of my brother’s ex girlfriends has one. She’s 22 and has braces that will eventually be able to correct it.

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what does the dentist say

He can get braces when he’s older no big deal

This is something his pediatrician and a pediatric dentist need to be addressing and determining the best course of action for.

My daughter had one really bad she had braces from age 9 to 15, and then retainers and it corrected it…

My eldest daughter had a severe underbite…I asked for her to be referred to an orthodontist when she was about 7-8…she was under his care for a couple of years even thought he didn’t do anything at this age…when she got to age 10 she was fitted for head brace to pull her top part of her mouth forward then she wore braces for her teeth for a couple of years…if they get your child young enough and b4 the skull hardens then this is the best procedure, otherwise it’s surgery at an older age.Hope this helps x

Ps this was done on the NHS but I know private orthodontist do it too x

It probably depends on how pronounced it is, at 2 I would take him to a pediatric dentist. It might be fine to leave it but nobody outside of a professional will be able to tell you that. Anecdotally, the people I’ve known who had to have this corrected as teens or adults had very difficult recoveries.

Take him to the dentist

I work for an orthodontist but at 2 there isn’t anything they will do but watch him for now. When he is closer to 7 or 8 they will probably recommend an early phase of treatment to try to help the upper jaw catch up to the lower jaw but battling DNA can be extremely tough! I have seen miracle cases though :blush: So for now if you haven’t gotten him a regular check up with a pediatric dentist I would start there!

My daughters underbite is being corrected with braces…they didn’t do anything until all her baby teeth fell out.

My 5yr old does and they’re waiting for his adult teeth to come in to do anything about it.

There are pediatric orthodontist. My daughter was worked on at three .

My 1st had an underbite for the longest time! It eventually just went away!