Should I be concerned about the bruises on my childs back?

I’m just posting to see if any other moms have experienced this with their child and if I should worry, or am I just overreacting. My almost two years old often gets small circle bruises on his back (smaller than a pinky nail). I’m a stay at home mom, with him 24/7, and he is pretty clumsy and often hurts himself and gets bruises occasionally, but he never hits his back on anything, so I’m not sure where these bruises could be coming from. Should I schedule an appointment with his pediatrician now, or am I overreacting, and is it no big deal that can wait until his two-year check-up in March? Do any other moms have this experience with their children?


Take him to the doctor. It could be something more serious.

My daughter got bruised easily come to find out shes anemic

Is there anyone else in house? Siblings?
Hardwood floors?

My son gets bruises on his back along the spine from bum changes. I started changing him on the bed

Some kids get bruised on their lower spine from the carseat

Does he sit in a booster/high chair with straps that could be causing this? My daughter gets a bruise occasionally from the T of the straps on her booster

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Check to see if there’s anything in the back section of the car seat that’s digging in. My daughter had the same thing and I figured out there was some plastic pieces that were digging in her back in the exact spot of the bruises.

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Does he have a play slide? I’ve notice sometimes they get small bruises from the end of the slide

Do you have any middle eastern genes?

Is your baby bi-racial? Maybe they are Mongolian blue spots?? They usually disappear over time.


Are they disappearing and coming back? In the same places or different places?

In my opinion. No measure is too small when it comes to your child. If you are genuinely concerned. Go get him check out.


My son gets bruised all the time. They play, they fall, they are clumbsy, I wouldn’t make a huge deal out of it. Just keep your eyes open for a pattern.

Is your child mixed with anything? My children are black and white and get what’s called mongolian spots on them. Most have faded now that they are older.

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Honestly, I’ve known two different people who had bruising like that and it did turn into something else. My motto with kids is, better safe than sorry. If it’s niggling at your mind, go to the doctor just to be sure. I’m sure he’s fine but, why not put your mind at ease?


If you’re concerned take him to get checked out, just for peace of mind. Could be nothing but could be something.

My daughter is going to turn 2 in March also and she just started getting bruises on her shins. BUT that is because she has finally figured out how to get up and down from a regular kitchen chair. See what he’s climbing up and down from. He could just be hitting his lower back on something that doesn’t seem like a big deal to us grown ups.

my son is three I’m also a stay-at-home mom I find new bruises on him daily they won’t always cry when they get hurt Mama it’s okay. but on the other hand my daughter does have a reoccurring bruise on her back from her car seat so it could be something related to that too

Is your baby bi racial? All my babies had Mongolian spots on their lower backs up until they were like 2-3 years old (it could stay longer) or maybe anemia? I bruise very easily as well