Should I be concerned that doctors think my 9-month-olds head is big?

Yesterday was my sons 9 month check up (although he is 10 months) & anyways the doctor measured his head at I think 47 cm! My question is they want to do an ultrasound on his head to see if something may be wrong, but the doctor seems to think that he may just naturally have a big head & didn’t seem to worried but of course naturally I’m scared. I don’t see a big head when I look at him nor does anyone else so this is news to me? My question is has this happened to any other mommas? Was your child ok? Should I be concerned? I’m freaking out )) ;


Everyone says my son has a big head and his pediatrician measured him and says his head circumference is in the 90th percentile but I think his head looks normal to me

Try not to freak out. Some kids just have big heads! My son is 8 weeks old and at his one month appointment he was in 4% for his height, 8% for his weight and 85% for his head.

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My 8 month olds head is in the 95th percentile for his age. I think some kids just have big heads, that they eventually will grow into. :joy:

Nothing to worry about my child is 5 years old and is perfectly healthy. Same thing happened to me having an usually large head. The doctors just check how he is growing.

Most boys have big heads!!!

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Better safe then sorry but it’s probably fine

Let them do their test but i wouldnt worry. My three brothers have huge heads and they were all good

My son’s head didn’t even measure on the charts it was so large. He’s a very normal 9 year old and has grown into his head :laughing:

I have craniosynostsis and it causes big heads or misshaped. And they do a ct scan not an ultra sound… I have 5 boys teo both with big heads but not my condition. . but as we did the ct scan on my second youngest we found a brain tumor . so glad the doctor requested a scan for genetic s or we wouldnt have found it till it was late

My sons head was HUGE.
Looked like a big ol pumpkin.
People would follow us in the store.
Women came up to the buggy.
Said OMG your son has the biggest head I’ve ever seen.
Oh I didn’t mean that in a bad way.

He looked like Charlie Brown.

He grew into his head.
He’s a big boy now.
And he’s still GORGEOUS.

AND he was tested.
The doctor said he needed that big fat head to hold that big fat brain.

At 18 months he tested at Superior intelligence.

PRAYING this is what’s happening with your sweet baby.


My brother has a huge head and his daughter did as well. They ran tests on her and she was just fine. I wouldn’t stress it. Stress can make you sick, and rub off on others around you.

My son has a big head, was off the charts when he was a baby. He had an ultrasound done at like 10-12 months. They just want to make sure there’s not too much fluid in his head. Don’t worry too much

Babies usually just have to grow into their heads. My son had a big head when he was a baby and is completely normal now.

Both my kids heads are/were extremely large they’re fine.

Most of the time it’s nothing but better to be safe and make sure

they measure heads etc as there can be a number of medical issues that cause heads to èither be large or grow rapidly. my daughter was a premmie baby and she had hydrocephalus due to a bleed. which they monitored regular measurements etc and she needed surgery.
my friends son had a big head and had scans but was competely fine no problems at all.
gyess what im trying to say is try not to worry, they are just making sure ur babe is healthy and happy xx

My son had a big head. :slight_smile: We had all the proper test done and he was fine.

My daughters head was always almost off the chart. Compared to her 25th percentile body :joy: she eventually evened out.

My sons head was off the charts big. We were sent to a pediatric neurologist who took one look at him and could tell it was just natural. No tests were run. Look at people in your family. If you see big heads, it’s likely just genetic. If he is having issues with milestones or any neurological issues it may be cause for concern as in some instances rapid head growth can be due to water on the brain. Everything is likely just fine.