Should I be concerned that I already lost my mucus plug?

I am 30 weeks pregnant and I have already lost my mucous plug. Should I start to pack a hospital bag or just calm down? This is my third baby but I have never had my plug come out so early and the pelvic pressure is worrisome


Always call your doctor! Don’t rely on strangers opinion


Not necessarily, sometimes they grow back but best to get checked over

I lost mine twice. It regenerates. But check with your OB.

Mucus plug can regenerate. But if you are worried call your doctor.

Call your gp or midwife hope everything is ok x

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You can always call and get checked but it’s possible to lose them and they grow back

Call ur Dr… Out of 6 my 3rd was the only one that I definitely saw the mucus plug. Went into labor 4 days later.

I lost mine @31 weeks and didn’t have the baby until 41weeks. But just call ur doc and make sure u gt seen.

my first 2 lost it 2 weeks before being induced…3rd like you I lost it 3 days before labor started on it’s own…get checked

Calm down. Mucus plug has NOTHING to do with labor


I lost mine at 27 weeks. I was induced at 39 weeks.

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Losing your mucus plug doesn’t always mean labor

Please let every answer on this to tell The girl to call the maternity ward :grimacing::telephone_receiver:

Call your provider :unamused: don’t ask strangers online

It regenerates at long as there’s no bloody show you should be okay, mine started coming out around 26 weeks. And I’m going on 33 weeks and still going strong! If your concerned call your doctor for more info!

Call your doc. I lost mine with my first one at 31 weeks. My midwife told me then that unless I was cramping or actually bleeding not to worry about it. She also said not to take baths as it could introduce infection.

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I wouldn’t panic honestly unless your having bleeding, cramping or contractions back to back. My oldest it took me 4 weeks to go into labor afterwards and my 2nd was c section. My 3rd I went into labor within a week

Also don’t push if your having pelvic pressure tell your doctor it could be the baby just dropped or could be your body preparing to dialate. Get it check quickly.

As long as you aren’t bleeding or leaking fluid along with the plug loss, you’re good.