Should I be concerned that my 5 month old doesn't try to sit up?

Hey mamas! I know every child develops differently and at their own speed, but my 5.5 months old makes literally zero effort to sit up. We can put her in a sitting position, and, at one point, we could just hold her by her waist, and she’d sit, but now she just folds forward and cries cause she’s frustrated. She has no issues with tummy time, is even trying to crawl, pushes herself backward, and rolls from back to front and back again, but sitting up has completely stopped. Any ideas to help her (and a mama) out?

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My daughter is 6 months this month can’t sit or even roll over not worried yet though still young xx

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My 9 mo old just started sitting up a month and a half ago. At her 6 mo appt, she wasn’t sitting up, holding her bottle, or crawling. Her doctor said she’s probably just lazy and these issues would be addressed at her 9 mo checkup if I’m still concerned. I wouldn’t be too worried, there’s still plenty of time

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My daughter will be 8 months on the 6th and she still hasn’t mastered sitting up yet. On the other hand, I have a nephew who is 13 days younger then she is and he’s walking already. All babies are different and will progress at they’re own pace.

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Mine were about 8 months old before they started sitting up

They were maybe 10 or 11 months old when they started walking.

Um shes 5 months. My 6 month old barely sits without assistance.

Some babies just do not like the sitting position


My son wasn’t sitting up until 7 months. He was 5 weeks early. When the pediatrician started talking about referring us to pt I started working with him to sit up. The pediatrician wanted to refer us to a specialist and every experienced mama says each baby learns at their own pace and will get it in their own time. If you’re concerned, work with her or talk to the pediatrician but she will get there. They get fussy but they still have to learn. He hated sitting up and doing tummy time but he started walking a week after his bday so I’m proud of everything we went through. I’m always anxious because he was born early so its hit or miss with some milestones. He’s almost 2 and doesn’t talk. Not even the beginner baby words.


I wouldn’t worry about it my daughter is skipping crawling but can sit up and is almost walking at 10 months

My second was crawling before sitting. She was 8 months old before she wanted to start sitting.

Honey my 21 month old refuses to walk even the dr said she’s just stubborn. Not to worry mama she’ll get there

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My nearly seven month old is now only just about strong enough for a sit up play seat… Only then for about 5 minutes… Tummy times good to get their neck muscles stronger too.

Mine was almost 8 months when he sat up completely unassisted. He was already crawling some

My son is 6 months and does the same thing. Vs. My daughter who sat up at 6 months no problem. Like you said every child learns at there own pace.

All babies develop at their own pace. I would have the doctor check the muscle tone and reflexes but if that’s all good, then it’s not normally something to stress over. You may want her ears checked also, sometimes clogged ears can affect balance. My older boys got their daddies big head and where a little slower on figuring out how to sit up without tumbling. My daughter was smaller and she hit every mile stone super early, now my current four month old is wanting to try and walk but not sit. He hates sitting but loves the jumper and walker. He’s trying to follow his siblings.

My son is 9 months old andnjust learned to sit up on his own

She’s still pretty young, probably just isn’t ready yet. I think my son was around 8 months before he was sitting unassisted.

Some babies find it uncomfortable to be in the seated position, sometimes there just not enough butt cushioning, lol

Mine was about 8 months when he sat on his own. And 10 months when he started crawling. This is his birthday month and still doesn’t want to stand or try to walk.