Should I be concerned that my 8-month-old hasn't started crawling yet?

My eight-month-old hasn’t started crawling or even tried to crawl. She rolls and pivots her way to stuff she wants, but I’m worried that she hasn’t tried getting on her hands and knees, and freaks out when I place her on her hands and knees. I’m starting to worry. What can I do?


Nope. Babies will do things on their own pace, generally. Some are late bloomers.
My second didn’t start crawling till he was 9 months, and didn’t start walking till he was 14-15 months

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Babies typically begin to crawl between 6-10 months.

my oldest didn’t start crawling until 10 months and my second was closer to 1 years old before he started crawling

Some kids skip crawling and go straight to walking.

Does she pull her self up onto things, or bare weight on her legs?

All babies are different. Some wont crawl until later on and some can even skip crawling all together and go straight to walking. Don’t stress :slight_smile:

My 7 months old hasn’t either, he army crawls with his face down :roll_eyes: lol babies have their own timeline! You should be fine mama

No, all babies are different and they all have different milestones. More tummy time to help

I had one roll like the can of chef boyardee everywhere she wanted to go. Walked before she was 1.

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My daughter never crawled. She got up on all 4s one time, totally thought she was going to crawl but nope. But She start walking at 8 months

Every baby is different so I wouldn’t worry too much but if you really are concerned then I recommend calling your pediatrician.

My youngest didn’t crawl till his first birthday he would walk along edges of furniture. Then he walked at about 15mos

My son never crawled, but he was walking along objects by 9 months and fully walking by 11 months. Every child is different.

I would just get behind my son and put my hands behind his feet and let him push off. He eventually got the hang of it.

I have 5 kids none of them were crawlers. My oldest son’s nickname is Scooter because he decided to scoot instead of crawling

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No my oldest didn’t crawl till right before her 1st bday and walked in the same day. 2nd crawled around 10 months and youngest crawled at 9 months

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No. Mine hasn’t either lol. Hardly sits up long either lol

Mine was walking by 8 months. My other not until over a year. Each baby is different. Im sure it wont take to much longer

My little man didnt start crawling till he was 11 months, trust me when I say babies go at their own pace xx

Some babies don’t crawl at all! I didn’t. My son started around 7 months but it’s totally normal for them to not crawl until 10 or 11 months if at all!