Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

Has anyone had their baby measure a week behind? I’m 25weeks and had an ultrasound to check his heart as his father and sister were born with a small hole in their heart. His heart is fine, but they are now saying he is a week behind, and now I have to go every week to the specialist for an ultrasound. He was just looking for other moms’ experiences with this and how it turned out for you and your baby. They really scared me. Thanks in advance for your response.


I am sure all is fine, I know plenty of people whos baby was measuring way more behind <3

I wouldnt worry at all. Non of mine ever measured right. My 4th baby I measured 3 weeks behind on the fundal measurements…no concerns were raised…I continued to measure between 2 and 3 weeks (fluctuating) behind for the rest of my pregnancy. He came our a whopping 10lb 2oz and nobody had any idea he would be so big until he actually came out :rofl::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Should I be concerned that my baby is measuring a week behind?

On my due date, they did an ultrasound. Said she was small and only 6 pounds 5 ounces.
Had her later that day. 7 pounds 5 ounces.
I measured correctly, but the ultrasounds aren’t always accurate.

Mine measured behind often. The first time they adjusted my due date. She was born petite but healthy. Both of my girls are still on the small side. Both of their grandmas, my mom, and their father’s mom, are very short people. Like 5’-5’1", and I’m 5’3". I don’t think they’ll turn out very tall. Don’t worry too much about “measuring a week behind.” Your baby is growing and will be fine.

Ultrasounds aren’t always right however them wanting you to be monitored more often as a result is cause for concern. Had your baby been measuring the right size or bigger before?

They told me my daughter was like 2 weeks behind. I just had to keep going to appointments. She did end up growing but was still small at birth. I had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia and the combination is known to make babies smal

My son measured 3 wks behind. Came out on due date and was just fine! He was just small 5lbs 4oz, 19" long. But I am 4’11" 125lbs and dad is 6’1" 145lbs.

I can’t speak on genetics but they usually don’t worry about it unless they are measuring 4+w behind or ahead. I had IUGR with 3 babies. All healthy just small. My smallest 5lbs1oz did have short nicu stay for low blood sugar but is a healthy 13 yr old.

With my second child (born 4-2-1997) I had a difficult pregnancy none of the ultrasounds matched up I ended up with the due dates of March 22, March 30, April 7 and April 14, she was induced and born 2 weeks early the pediatrician was not happy with my obgyn. I had weights of up to 9 pounds toward the end she was 6 pounds 12 ounces. I do realize technology has advanced since 1997, but people are not perfect at reading the machines.

I don’t trust their measurements at all. With my first, they told me she was around 8 lbs and she was only 5.10. Some people have tiny babies, some people have giants. :woman_shrugging:t3:


All of my kids have measured behind. Anywhere from a week to a month behind. Ultrasounds can be off by two weeks either way. I wouldn’t worry about it until there is a reason to worry. A small baby alone is not a reason to worry.

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Honestly I would personally not be concerned or listen to the docs / midwives ( to a certain extent ) I got told with my first that she was going to be massive around 9lb / 10lb I had her 1 day late and she was 5lb exactly ( 2.5kgs ) with my second I got told she was small and she always measured behind between 7-10 days behind she came out around 38 weeks and she was 6lb 5 healthy happy and we left the day after she was born.

It’s not an exact science— although it should be at this point in civilization… trust ur dates and try not to worry. Every woman I know has had an ultrasound say their baby was small or too big and then the kids comes out and it’s nothing even close to what they predicted. Good luck momma!

My son is now 23 and 6ft . They had me do a level 2 ultrasound cause they said he was measuring smaller test came back fine. He was 8 5oz 21 1/2 inches . And with my sister they gave her a c section cause they told her the baby was going to be 10pounds. He ended up being 6 pounds I forget the oz. Just relax and have the test done and take it from there.

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I had a baby that measured small but thats because she had some birth defects. She eventually caught up and then was measuring small again and I was induced at 38 weeks. She was almost 2lbs more then what they measured. So like mentioned above it’s not always the most accurate. But don’t worry about it to much. Sometimes it can be your placenta to. They are just doing it to keep you and babe as safe as possible. You’re in really great hands.

Maybe try Upping your calorie intake :slight_smile: Good Luck

At 20 weeks my baby was measuring 11 days behind. At 25 weeks, I believe 9 days. At 33 she was measuring 7 days behind.
I can go on but in the end I had her at 40wks 6d

No cause for concern!! Even with our advances in technology these measurements and due dates are still just an estimate. I had 4 babies that all measured “behind” and were born near their dates, perfectly healthy, but just little! Rest easy Mama. I’m sure everything is just fine with your wee one. :heart: