Should I be concerned that my child isn't moving much?

I’m 19 weeks and four days pregnant with my second child. I’ve maybe felt him move once or twice, and it felt like just a tiny flutter. I’m concerned I haven’t really felt him yet. And every time the doctor tries to find his heartbeat with the doppler, it’s a fail. She tried for almost 10 minutes and barely got a reading. My anatomy scan is next week, but I’m so nervous something is wrong. Have any other moms taken longer to feel the baby move? I’m more on the hefty side, so I thought maybe that might affect it. Should I be concerned, or is it just a nervous mommy?


Could be where the placenta is

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They haven’t found the heartbeat at all???

It’s normal!
Until maybe 24 weeks or so she was barely able to find the heartbeat a few times gave up.
I’m almost 36 weeks now I don’t remember exactly when I started to feel her regularly but I think it was around 22 weeks.

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I didn’t feel one of my babies until I was 24 weeks. I would feel little flutters here & there but that was all.

Being on the bigger side can make it harder to feel baby move and harder to find the heartbeat. Have you expressed your concern to your doctor? That should be your first step.

I would go to L & D just to ease my mind

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Did they mention where the placenta is? I had an anterior with both my boys!

If they cant find the heartbeat with the doppler you can always request a sonogram

Could be in ur back xx

I didn’t feel movements in either of my pregnancies until 20-21 weeks. Everyone said I’d feel the flutters and never did. And that id feel movement earlier the second time and I actually didn’t feel anything until a few days later than the first.

If you have an anterior placenta, it can be harder to feel the baby move and to detect the heartbeat. They’ll be able to detect that during your anatomy scan. If thats the case there’s no cause for worry. If your doctor hasn’t expressed any concern in 19 weeks, I’m sure its just momma nerves :heartpulse:

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I didn’t feel one of my kids until I was 22 weeks along but it was because of where the placenta was. Baby was super active I just couldn’t feel any of it.

Those dopplers are not reliable. Try drinking a cold glass of water and sit down with your feet up. Count kicks. And never be afraid to go in for a second opinion if you’re scared. At this stage, it’s normal to not feel much movement. I really didn’t feel kicks until 22ish weeks.


So this happened to me and when I went in for the ultrasound where they tell you the sex of the baby, they called the doctor is and my baby’s heart wasn’t beating at the point. Ask for an ultrasound ASAP. Please. It’s still a sore subject for me and it’s been about 18 years now.

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Could depend on where the placenta is and how he is positioned as well. My son was facing towards my back till he was about 20 weeks or so and I could barely feel any movement till he eventually repositioned himself and then I felt a lot more kicks and movement

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Sorry. Not to freak you out. But that’s my story :grimacing:

I didnt feel my little girl till i was about 22-24 weeks. They had a lot to trouble finding the heartbeat at 16 weeks as I’m big. It could be just mama worries. I would suggest going to L&D if you’re really worried. Dont need to be making yourself stressed :heart:

Doctor’s dont get concerned until 24 weeks, I believe.


I’m 21 weeks and just now starting to feel movement that’s not questionable lol. I’m also heavier. I would go get a scan done just to ease your mind. Don’t worry, might as well go see what’s up !

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