Should I be concerned that my daughter doesn't talk much?

So my daughter turned 2 in October, and ever since all I ever hear about is how she should be talking more. I agree she may be a little behind most kids her age. She was born at 36w, so not technically premie but close, so it’s expected she will be slightly behind. She says probably 10-12 words fluently as in all the time but overall has probably said about 50 words total. I guess my question is, when did your kiddos start to talk more fluently, and at what point should I be concerned and seek help for her? I don’t want to push her, but I also don’t want to be failing her either. Any advice will help!


Both my boys were pretty silent until three. Now they won’t stop talking, ever, and their vocabulary is off the charts. I wouldn’t worry too much quite yet.


I think after a year they don’t consider them to be behind anymore. If she’s not talking much you could always see a speech therapist. They can evaluate and tell you if maybe she’s behind or just “lazy “

I had preemies and they all talked at the expected time. Turn music on and sing along to encourage words also get their ears checked

My daughter was born at 36 weeks and was doing the same thing by 2.5 she was talking non stop

I have two daughters. My oldest, who is 6 now, starting talking a ton really early. My second daughter, who is now 5, did not talk much at all around that age. But once she did start talking, probably around 3 or so, she wouldn’t stop! I wouldn’t be worried, she will talk when she is ready too. And once she starts you’ll be surprised with how big her vocabulary is!

My daughter talked from an early age but my son is three and just now starting to use lots of words and form sentences.

I can alway contact ur infant program locally or ur doctor should be able to point you in the right direction if u fee she is behind. They can test and see her services r needed. My youngest 2 were in speech from the age of 1 and a half.

Nothing out the ordinary I’d say. My boy just turned 2 end of October and its mainly mum, bout dozen other clears words or else its mumble jumble. He was a week over due. My daughter on the other hand who is now 7 was born on time and was singing the abc song by 2_ if not before.

One of my good friends daughters was in a similar situation expect her handful of words was a little less. Her pediatrician recommended speech therapy! I think even for kids who speak a lot speech therapy can be very beneficial! Have you tried flash cards? Or leap frog? That is good for learning new words. If you feel like you are worried definitely mention to your daughters pediatrician, and look into a speech therapist!

I would honestly just bring it up to the doctor next time she has an appointment if you’re concerned but all children move at a different pace. She will catch on! I honestly wouldn’t be worried.

My oldest didn’t talk til 4 when he started Pre-K with help from speech therapist. and my youngest started talking and stopped at 1.5 he has nonverbal autism

My daughter was born 36 weeks as well and did not start to fully talk until 3. I even took her to a speech therapist who said that she was fine and would one day just start and never stop! And she did. I listened to other people and compared my child to other children and she just moved on her own time!

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All kids are different.

My middle turned 2 in October and at the time maybe said 5 words but now she talks constantly and has started putting sentences together but her older sister didn’t start talking a lot until like 2 1/2 ish I only think she talks so much because she has her older sister to talk to constantly. I wouldn’t be worried

I have a child with significant speech delays and several diagnosis. By your description, no I would not bexomcerned right now. My daughter didn’t speak ANY real words until 3. All she said was “ish”.

It couldn’t hurt to have her evaluated. You should be able to get it free through your school district.

Im in three same boat as you, my little girl turned 2 in Oct and doesn’t say much. She says a few words but I can’t get her to actually talk.

My son is 2 and he talks but not much so I asked to have his hearing checked, turns out he has bad glue ear so has mild hearing loss it will get better but explained his lack of speach

My at the time 2yr old would barely speak. So my doctor had me go to this interview for child watch they diagnosed her with add/adhd and a severe speech delay. Shes now 3 in 3yr preschool that they run out of a high school. She works with a speech therapist. It has greatly helped.