Should I be concerned that my daughters hair is thinning?

Should I be worried… my little girl was born with a full head of hair… I recently realized while I was combing her it gets thinner… I assumed she’s changing hair as I hear my parents say, but this much hair at the same time… shes not itching, no flakes no nothing just baldness… what do you think of it? Taking her to see a doc end of the week…


Wait what the doctor has to say. We can all guess and drive you crazy but you need medical advice.

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My daughter was born with a full crop of dark hair. By 4 months it had all bar about 20 strands fallen out. Shes now 12 months and has a massive amount of lighter colored hair. Its normal. Although I’m not sure of her age im presuming shes a baby

My kids did this when they were babies. All born with a head full and it got thin, my son lost his hair completely on the back of his head. When their hair grew back it was lighter

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Maybe she lacks vitamine b or b 12
I had this problem turns out I lacked vitamine b an b 12 after taking them for about 2 months problem was solved

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My sister was born with a head full of dark hair and when she was 3mo her hair fell out and turned blonde

I saw a post that claims Johnson & Johnson all-in-one baby wash causes some children’s hair to fall out. I have no evidence to support or disprove the post.

Following. I’m curious what the doctor says.

I was born with a head full of black hair. I lost almost all my hair all I had was a patch at the top. It then came in blonde. Check with Dr. But it could be absolutely normal too depending on age

I always thought it was a natural thing. :woman_shrugging: i notticed it on my kids too, where they were getting bald spots in the back. It always grew back tho

Is this a new born or a 6yr old? A new born losing their full head of hair after a few months happens all the time. If this a 6yr old see a pediatrician.


Are we talking about an infant? If so- there likely isn’t cause for concern. Most babies who were born with a lot of hair will lose some- possibly all- of their hair in the first few months of life.
When you should be concerned is if by 12 months, your baby isn’t growing the hair back. Then you would need to seek the advice of a paediatric specialist.

In the meantime, be sure to use a gentle and mild baby shampoo. Do NOT wash your baby’s hair more than 2-3 times a week. You don’t want to dry out their delicate scalp. NEVER scrub…lather gently and rinse well.

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new born baby’s almost always lose their hair.

My son went through this when he was about 4-6 months old. He now has a head full of hair. If it continues to concern you i would bring it up to the baby’s doctor and maybe they can tell you and give you peace of mind that everything is all right

My daughter did as well she was born with really dark brown hair then few months went by an she didnt have as much hair an now shes got long blonde hair lol it happens

How old? Both my little girls “lost their baby hair” before it came in more full.

If she is a newborn/infant she will lose her hair and new hair will grow. Its normal for this to happen.

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When I was 2 I lost all my hair. It all came back but was stronger and healthier

Babys before 2 can have hair loss… my last daughter had thick long dark hair… it all fell out and it’s now my color hair… its normal

Is she about 2-3 mos old? I remember my kids hair thinning or falling out around then. New hair will come back. If she’s older like school age I’d be concerned.