Should I be concerned with how heavy I am bleeding?

I had my baby at the beginning of May. Bled, I guess normally for about 4½ weeks. Stopped bleeding for about 3-5 days? Then my period started, I’m guessing. I know that your first period is probably going to be irregular and heavier than normal…but yall, I honestly don’t know how I’m still standing. I wake up every morning, and by the time I walk from my bed to the toilet, there’s literally a PUDDLE on my pad. Little blood clots. It’s awful. I bleed HEAVYduring the day, even when I’m not doing anything. I haven’t had sex, I tried to use a tampon on my first day and bled through it in about 30 mins. Is this normal?? Should I go to the hospital? It’s been this heavy for about five days now, and I’m just not used to it, and I’m a worrier.


With my first baby…I bled sooooooooooo soooooooo much afterwards… Id say its pretty normal

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This was normal for me

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Call your OB just to be sure. Some do bleed heavier than others but you also want to rule out postpartum hemorrhage.

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Need to have it checked yesterday

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Call your ob. Blood clots could be a sign that there was tissue left behind. I had to get a d and c 6 weeks post partum last time because I retained a tiny piece of placenta.

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If your filling a heavy pad or tampon every hour go to the er.

This is how mine was and I had my son in April. I thought about calling my dr bc it was ridiculous. I was changing a pad every hour it seemed like and it was like this for almost a week. I didnt have any clots tho so you may want to call your dr.

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You need to go to the dr and have your H&H checked. Sounds like your bleeding a lot. More than 1 pad an hour needs to go in.

Not normal. Call your doc.

Call your Dr. OR GO TO THE ER. You could be hemorrhaging!

My son is 8 months. I had a tubular ligation post partum so not sure how much that plays into the picture but extra heavy periods with clots still for me. I got my period back in my second month and its come with a vengeance!

This happened to me- soaked a pad every hour with my first period, call your OB. I had to go in to make sure no placenta was left.

I would call your dr.

Call your Dr and you’re probably anemic right now

You should not be using a tampon yet, if i remember correctly. Secondly, I had retained placenta after my first and bleed heavily for 6 weeks until they raised what was happening and sent me for a D&C surgery to remove it. Lots of blood, lots of clots and my stomach hurt all the time. Definitely call your OB asap

Maybe go to the ER if you still deal with this today.

Yeah. You need to go to your gp.

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