Should I be concerned with how little my 2-year-old is talking?

My daughter says about 15 words including mama and daddy, and 3 sentences. I’m just curious if she could have a speech delay? She used a TON of gibberish, she can go on and on…She can’t communicate her needs to us and still just cries and screams. She listens to commands and seems to understand us when we talk, but isn’t using her words. She is 2 years old and 4 months.


I’d say she’s pretty advanced! My son didn’t start talking til he he was nearly three. Now he won’t shut up :joy:


Teach America sign language!!


My son didnt really start talking until about 3 yrs old and he needed to go to speech therapy. He is fine now just stubborn :joy:

If you’re concerned, there is nothing wrong with having her tested and getting state help. It’s there for those who need it, take advantage

My daughter turned 2 in September and is “behind” and is saying about 70 words. Her pediatrician set her up with Early Intervention which is a free program that allows the child to participate in speech therapy in your home. My daughter was saying three words at 18 months old. She started speech therapy at the end of May and is now around 70 words and can use five signs appropriately. It’s been a huge help with her communication and frustration. I’d highly recommend asking the pediatrician about this.

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My son will be 3 on the 22nd and is just now starting to explode in his speech; I think we get caught up in comparing our kids to what everyone else’s is doing and forget they’re individuals who learn at their own pace. My son is very physically advanced - he keeps up with kids twice his age athletically and in motor skills - but still prefers his own little language.

My son started talking around 1 but just mama, dada & a few other words… He was talking in complete sentences around 15 months & the little boy I babysit is 6 months older & he don’t speak nearly as much! The little boys dad did say that he was behind on his speech! I do have 3 older boys that play & talk to him so that might be why but he has always been advanced & he’s going to be 3 in January! My daughter will be 1 on the 17th of this month & she says mama, dada, baba, bro bro (for her brothers she’s the only girl) she says no & yes with the head movement as well & she says go & points! She may also just be advanced cuz her brothers!

It’s something you could mention to her doctor… my daughter will be 2 on Sunday and says about 80-100 words and sentences and says new almost everyday or at least tries to… all kids are different though… we use first word flash cards… you can get them on amazon for like 3 bucks and they seem to help… there is an app called speech blubs too that helped us it’s for toddlers and kids that is a speech therapy app and shows kids saying certain words or sounds to help them start talking more… our daughter likes it because it shows kids saying the words and also has a short little clip about what the word means. You have to pay for it though but we think it has helped.

I’d have her looked at too. 2 yrs should be able to communicate basic needs in simple words. Our ped said should have 50 words some being 2 to 3 words together ( simple sentence)

She sounds like she is doing well. I have a son with a speech delay and one that is almost 2 and is special needs and doesn’t talk. From my experience with early intervention and speech therapy it sounds like your daughter is doing well. Just keep enforcing her to speak more. If she sees something and vocalizes what it is just add to it. Like if she says “ball” you say “yes big red ball.” Like add more words and keep helping her connect words and identify things with more detail. If you want her evaluated just to get advice or see if she needs additional help call the states early intervention program. For my state its call child development services but it might be different where you are. It’s free and they will come and evaluate her right in your home.

This needs to be addressed NOW with her doctor! Speech delay can become worse the longer you wait. If treatment is needed, the sooner the better.


My son didn’t talk and I was concerned but then I put him in daycare 3 days a week and he started talking more that very first week of going!


My daughter under spoke more than 3 words until she was about 2.5 yrs. than she started daycare and did 2 sessions of speech therapy and now doesn’t stop talking. Somethings are hard to understand still but she’s talking and she can also sign when she feels like it. She is now 3.

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They develope at thier own speed my grand son didn’t start talking until he was almost 3

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Girls develope faster i have noticed.

You can bring it up to your pediatrician. It doesn’t hurt for a second professional opinion.

My daughter is 2 yrs 10 months. Talks amazingly well.
But my boys took longer, more so 3 to 3 1/2 to talk real clear.

Remember all kids are different, so please don’t compare to the extreme that you think she’s delayed. She’s doing great mama!

You can always get an early intervention evaluation. If she “fails” to underqualify thats awesome if not get some speech therapy underway.

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My son was in that same spot at 18 months and was referred to early intervention for speech therapy. He is 2 yrs 5 months now and the difference is amazing. Under the ADA your little one can receive speech services in your home or possibly in a daycare if she goes to one. If you have the time to do this it can’t hurt. My son still receives speech therapy despite that he is clearly caught up.

Kids just don’t start talking. Working with them helps.
I made flash cards. A few a day for main things like, food, water, toys, etc.

Talk to your pediatrician and they will be able to address your concerns. We ended up getting tubes put in and adenoids removed after a referral to an ENT and audiologist because she was full of fluid in her ears. She goes to preschool 5 days a week, speech therapy once a week and it’s helped tremendously. She had about 180 words before speech therapy but they weren’t very clear and she threw tantrums like nobody’s business. Therapy is working on articulation, building sentences (instead of saying “bus” we get her to say “big yellow bus” and tantrums avoidance.