Should I be upset my husband went to the gym after work without tell me?

Looking for opinions, please…I am a SAHM, but I also do work part-time from home. My husband and I had our first child this year, and he is eight months old. My husband leaves for work at 6 am and usually gets home around 5 pm but sometimes later. He likes to get overtime for the extra money. On Friday, he still wasn’t home by 5:30, which seemed weird for a Friday, so I called him, and he said he was on his way home now, but he had gone to the gym with a co-worker after work. So he got home after 6 pm. I was pretty upset that he didn’t feel like he should have given me a heads up about it. He said he knew if he told me ahead of time, I would not have wanted him to go…which is true…he hardly gets any time with our son, and I also would appreciate a little more “me time” at night. Thoughts, please?


I’d be upset if my fiancée didn’t tell me but that’s because we both work and we both have to be off and have the kids picked up to save on day care. I don’t think I’d be as upset if I was at home with them. Cuz atleast they weren’t with a sitter for even longer than normal.

He deserves time away to. You flat out admitting you wouldn’t have appeoved tells it all. Let the man have some freedom. Its literally an hour. 🤦🤦🤦


I hated when my husband would work out after work, but not because I wanted “me time”, but because I missed him and he’d work 12 hour days and worked like an hour away.

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He needs to communicate better, but you should also help each other have “me time.”


Let him go to the gym. Do something for you, too. Don’t suffocate one another.


So you deserve “me time” and he doesn’t? Work isn’t “me time”.
And honestly you sound selfish. He went to the gym and felt he couldn’t tell you because you act some kind of way when he does. I’m sorry if this is harsh but pick you battles.


He worked all day. I don’t see why it mattered that he stopped at the gym after work. You said he gets home around 5, sometimes later and it was 6. It’s not like he went for hours. It was literally one hour. He worked all week so he can have an hour at the gym. You said you wouldn’t have wanted him to go so that is why he didnt tell you before. Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission. Give the man a break!


Men need to be spoiled and apprectited too
If he needs time after working all week give the poor guy an hr, you’d want the same treatment


Your mad because your husband went to the gym? He deserves me time too. Jfc


Does he care if you go to the gym?

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Maybe he could’ve given you a heads up as those are always nice to have. However, getting upset over him going to the gym is a bit much. I get you wanting “me time” but he deserves it as well. Sometimes people need to wind down. Pick and choose your battles. Something this trivial isn’t worth a fight.


Wow :flushed: leave the poor guy alone


No… but a heads up is always nice, so you don’t panic that he’s been in an accident. He works his butt off all day…(not saying you haven’t, motherhood is a lot of work) now if he was at the pub and didn’t get home til midnight id be like, mate…you can sleep on the couch hahaha. If you keep restricting him, he will do it to you…like if you go shopping he might say ohh what time will you back haha.


Loosen the leash. You got it a bit tight. One day when he’s tired of being choked by it and gets free, he ain’t gonna come back.


You’re right, you do deserve me time.

However, so does he. If you’re controlling like this post seems, of course he wouldn’t want to tell you. Let him blow off some steam at the gym. Maybe he had a hard day?


He should have texted-said he was going to gym and you should have said ok-you don’t have to give him permission to go -you not his mom


Whaaaaat…? I read the first sentence and was done. No. No you shouldnt. At the very least just communicate that you’d like to know if hes not planning to come straight home from work so you dont worry. Dont suffocate the man jeeezus


Ask for a heads up next time but I wouldn’t be mad, you seem like you’re trying to control him which never turns out well.


Let him go to the gym. I don’t blame him for not telling you since you said you wouldn’t have wanted him to go if he told you.