Should I be worried that my daughter has a flat head?

Hi.i have a nine-month-old daughter, and I’m worried because of her flat head. Should i worried about it?


My niece had to wear a helmet to correct it

Have you tried head shaping pillow? We used one that we found on Amazon when my son was an infant, and I swear it helped prevent flat spots. Talk to your pediatrician. Once they start sitting up, crawling etc. it should start to correct itself. If not definitely contact your pediatrician because they may need a helmet to help correct it.

Talk to her pediatrician.

Daughter had to wear a cranial helmet

See if she meets criteria for helmet or her head will always be that shape

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Talk to her dr… my daughter wore a helmet for a short time

My daughters head was kinda flat(forgot the name for it) they referred us to a specialist, long story short now she is 19months old and her head ended up going to normal after. And she didnt have to wear a helmet or anything. Best thing to do is talk to her pediatrician!

Ask her pediatrician if they recommend a helmet

Yes. Switch sides often when sleeping

My son had to wear a helmet… insurance covers it if it’s severe enough. He was in it for 4 months.

Talk to your pediatrician asap. Get the helmet referral. This takes time and some have to wait for insurance approval. Babies have a 12 month growth spurt that you will want to take advantage of so try and get the helmet soon.

A good friend of mines son has this same issue. Hes roughly the same age. She was terrified and riddled with misplaced guilt. He was fitted for his first helmet last week.
I will tell you what I have told her through this so far.
Just ask the pediatrician, it is not the end of the world. This is something that can be fixed. It is no ones fault, just something that happens with babies sometimes. Plus they have all sorts of really cool helmets the kids can wear. Not to mention it protects them from those toddling and stumbling moments.


I would mention it to her pediatrician. My son developed flat head syndrome caused from Tortacollis. He started physical therapy and was fit for a helmet. Both worked wonders and there are no long term effects. It’s very normal and common.


My son’s head is flat and there’s nothing wrong with him. The right haircut and you can’t tell

You’re gonna want to get her checked out quickly. Once a child hits 1 years old their head is much harder to shape with a helmet. My son had one around 5 months old because he was born with a flat spot and he had torticollis.

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If it’s top of her head talk to pediatrician if it’s the back of her head it’s just from always laying in the same spot make sure you’re turning her over and lay her head on the side to round it out I had to do it with my oldest

Talk to her pediatrician. Facebook is not the place to be asking about medical stuff.


Talk to your pediatrician. They have physical therapy resources. We had an amazing therapists and we learned it was from our son favoring one side. We learned how to help him like tummy time and massage out the kinks in his neck. They can also evaluate of your daughter will need a helmet or not. My son did not need one thankfully.

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Thats something that requires medical attention, not facebook opinions. And i mean that in the least rude way possible.