Should I celebrate fathers day with my boyfriend?

It is too soon. Wait until he is step-dad before giving honor as a parental role. Not only because you’re not married but because you don’t want every guy you date presented as a “father” substitute for your kids. Just my opinion.

If he’s in their life as a father figure then why not


It’s been two years he’s been in their lives, if he thinks it’s too soon, or even you do, maybe re-evaluate the relationship


I’m sure he will be very pleased and proud


anyone can father… the Best one. Stay’s. by choice. those. are. Dads… my mom was both for us.

Just do it. If that is what the kids want.

:sob::sob: only if the kiddos want to do it

Yes, yes, yes :+1: :clap: :raised_hands: the children need special people in their lives to be celebrated! If you don’t want to celebrate then why are you letting them get close. It would be confusing for the kids.

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Do it for your kids. But maybe talk to him before hand… so he has time to process anything, and communication is kept open. Then you can guarantee a better outcome. He doesn’t have to know exactly what they will do… but he can express what he would and wouldn’t be comfortable with. You can be the bridge for one time :sweat_smile:


If he really care about the kids he shouldn’t freak out.


For sure do it. If you allow him to fill that spot and he does so then he deserves it.


If he’s stepped up to the role on his own… it’s definitely not too soon and there isn’t a chance it would freak him out. Guys who freak out are ones that actively avoid getting involved with anything to do with the kids


Do will mean the world to him and the kids


i think you should talk to him about it. it’s only been 2 years, && the boys could be good with him if he’s the only father figure in their life (if that’s the case). just tell him “the boys wanted to do something for you for father’s day, because they appreciate what you do for them, would you be comfortable with that” && go from there. make sure he understands it’s the kids idea && not you pushing him to try && father your kids


By all means, do something. A step parent, surrogate parent, a foster parent… Is still a parent. Those people fill a position that shapes a young mind.
To this day, I have a wonderful stepmom who filled in when my mother passed unexpectedly in 1997. My stepmom watched me graduate high school and guided me into what a step parent should be in case I ever decided to date a man with children.
Bless all of you and I hope it’s a special day for all of you. :heart:

You can get cards that say “your just like a dad to me”. If he filling the void why shouldn’t he get recognition

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For sure
You’re Boyfriend will really love that
It will show your Son appreciates him

I would ask him how he feels about it. I don’t see why he would have an issue since they are all close.

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Do it!!! Especially bc the kids want too

Of your kids brought the idea to you then go for it… They want to show him that they appreciate him… Its not something that you are forcing if they want to do it. Just because a male makes a child doesnt mean he is a father…As grandma would tell us girls any male can be a dad it takes a real man to be a father

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