Should I change my babys name?

I need some opinions. The father of my child as a baby mamma. She has a son with another man. Today I just found out that her second son (the one with the other man) name is the same name I had picked at eight weeks (I am now 20 weeks). Do you guys think I should I pick a different name or kept the same name that I’ve picked out?


I would change it so the kid wont have two siblings with the same name.


Change it. Less drama.


If you like it keep it. If it’s gonna bug you then change it. It’s all up to you and how you guys feel about it.


Have this conversation with your childs father.

What’s the baby’s father saying?

Definitely change it.

If you like it, keep it. My son and my bil son have sons with the same name but spelled different. The children you speak of will have different last names so it doesn’t really affect you or your baby. (In my case both boys have the same last name.)

Change it to save the child any problem that may occur when they are adults. My grandson has the same name S someone else and has had a lot of trouble as a result.

Change it! I think there are so many names to choose from why make it complicated and full of drama. In the long run you’ll be glad you did. Good luck


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It will get really confusing for everyone; seen that very situation before ; it may be best if you find another name, you never know it may fit the child better😊 good luck

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If you change it you will always regret not picking it… maybe see if you can spell it differently to make it unique to YOUR child but I wouldn’t change the name :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging:

If the name means a lot to you I would keep it… I named my daughter Naomi … from my grandma. . And then 2 of my cousins named their daughters the same name. But my daughter was 1st.

If you had to ask I would say keeping it causes doubt. Find something strong and overcoming to represent all you had to endure during this pregnancy :muscle:t4:

Change it absolutely. It will be weird for your child to have same name as his brother. Lots of great names. That will keep your child feeling unique. It is not really about you at this point

I don’t think it should matter. Name your child whatever you and the dad decide. I’m sure growing up, he will run into others that share his name.

Pick a different one. I get wanting a certain name but not worth the stress of explaining it

Your baby your naming

Keep the name. Its not like her second son is your hubbys. I wouldn’t let anothers womans kid get in the way. This is your son, name him as you want.

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