Should I consider an ECV?

Hey! So I’m just over 37 weeks with my first child. He is still in the breech. I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow on my options of either an ECV or a c section. From what I have read about ECV, I don’t feel completely comfortable with getting it done, especially considering it only has a 50% chance of working. I certainly do hope that I won’t have to get a c section, but I would like some opinions/advice on what to do. Do I continue to wait to see if he turns naturally before considering an ECV? Should I go ahead and get it in case he doesn’t turn? Has anyone had an ECV and could give me more information on it? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thank you

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I don’t know what a ECV is but I had a planned csection - it was amazing. You show up, it’s 20xminutes from start to finish and boom. You have a baby.


I’ve never had it done. But if it has a chance esp 50% and your doctor is recommending it. I’d do it.

Esp since you only have 3 weeks left at the max.

Mine turned at around 38 weeks, if not I’d go the C section

I was 37w 5d when my son was born at 8lbs 5oz and 22.2 inches long. I had an ultrasound at 11:30am, and he was head down. I had a c-section at 5:30pm that same day, and he was breech. There’s always hope!

I had it done. It hurt. But he moved. The cord did get wrapped around his neck but I was monitored every 4 days or so and I delivered at 39 weeks with no problems. Everyone is different, but I am glad I had it done. He was baby #4 and I hadn’t had a csection, and didn’t want one. It worked out for me. It does hurt though. But so worth it for me

My daughter didn’t turn until 38 1/2 weeks.

I’ve had an EVC done. It wasn’t too bad, BUT he still didn’t turn :flushed:
He ended up turning on his own a few days later

I refused it with my oldest. It was a good thing because come to find out, I have a heart shaped uterus and it would not have been successful. I did not see a point in putting her in distress. I wanted a natural birth so badly, but her safety was more important. I knew something was up because she stayed on the left side the entire pregnancy. The right side of my stomach was almost flat lol

I had a scan , breech, tuned himself naturally :blush:

My chiropractor did a technique that turned my baby at 39 weeks. Saved me a c-section. Good luck :purple_heart:

I hear its painful. I’m going to be doing my 2nd c section due to breech again.

Chloe Lynch can u help x

I would wait before scheduling a cesarean. Some babies don’t turn until 40+ weeks. A friend of mine didn’t have her daughter turn head down until she went into labor at 40 weeks and 4 days.


I did the EVC it wasnt successfully done and I ended up have c section anyway

Are there cons to ecv? I’d try it before a c-section. They just basically massage and encourage the baby to flip. C-sections are painful, take a long time to heal, complicate caring for your newborn, and can have lasting complications. My neighbor was in and out of the hospital for close to a year after hers because of tearing and infections. My sister tore hers a couple of times too, if I remember correctly.

That was my biggest fear was getting a c-section when I was in labor both times.

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I was in labor for 9 hours in my son and then they found out he breached and I had to do an emergency C-section but the reason my son was breech was because my uterus is heart-shaped

I declined it. Not only is it painful that that they have to give you an epidural, but if it works and when you go into labor the baby could turn breech again.

My son was breech (first) from 28 weeks,no one believed me until i was sent for a scan as i measuring to big. After my scan we discussed my options, I was convinced to go for the Ecv by the consultant this was on the Wednesday where I was 38+ 5. I was book in for a Ecv the following Tuesday as I really didn’t want a csection at this point. After doing alot of my own research I decided against it on the Friday,phoned up and told them I would like to go for the csection. I was told to still go for my appointment on the Tuesday and they eill book me in for the csection. My waters broke Sunday morning so I phoned the hospital and was told to come in, got to the hospital, they checked to see if he was still breech and he was. I was then taken down for a csection. Which is a good job because he pooed in me aswell.
They will scan you before hand to see if baby is still breech, if so they will double check that you still want a csection.
I’ve now had 2 csection which was 13 months apart.