Should I continue dating someone I know doesn't want kids?

This is common sense, but uh, I’m in a dilemma…I’m dating a great guy. It’s been a few weeks, but I don’t want to end the relationship just because he doesn’t want any more babies. I’m 27, and he’s 35. he feels like he’s really old but comes on, that’s not old. Should I leave him or stay and find a way to convince myself that his choice matters too?


Leave. I wasted 12 years on a man trying to “convince him”


If you are 100% sure you want kids and he is 100% sure he doesn’t. Time to go.


Do you want children? If you do then you should leave.


Do the math you want kids and he doesn’t are you going to be with him for years hoping he’ll change his mind I say move on

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His choice does matter. And if he’s telling you now that he doesn’t want any more kids , take that at face value. You’ll end up hurt and with a lot of wasted time


If you want different things then it isn’t going to work out. I personally wouldn’t want more kids at 35 either.


If you really want children I’d say leave. You can’t force someone to have more children if they don’t want to.

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Children are deal breakers. If he doesn’t want them, then you won’t change his mind. He’s 35, not 20. I’m 37, guess how much chance you have of making me change my mind in anything I feel strongly against :joy:. This applies to men too.


Do you want kids? If your answer is a solid yes, then your answer to the relationship should be a solid NO.


If he doesn’t want children and you do, you’re wasting your time. If you’re ok not having more children then stay but don’t stay to try to convince him.

I’m 29. My husband is 52. We have a child together and I don’t think he’s too old.

If you want babies and he doesn’t I would leave for sure. :blue_heart:

If having kids is really important to you and something you want then I would leave. It’s not fair to try and make him change.

Why hurt both of you when you know you want different things in life? If you want kids and he doesn’t - feels like this is just prolonging the inevitable. It will hurt a lot more later on.

I’d just tell him your dilemma and say you might have to break things off because that’s what you truly want. If he holds firm still then go. You don’t want to try to convince someone or have an ooops when they don’t want to be a father, because then you’re going to have even more issues.


I wouldnt waite on it to long. If you really love him then you love him but if you wanna create a family you need to create a family that a father is going to admire having a child with you

It depends… are you looking for a serious long term relationship? If so then move on. He might be a great guy but it sounds like you both want different things. If not then have fun while you can.

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Their are millions of people on this earth just keep looking for some one to build your family with. Because his choice matters.

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I think you need to have an honest convo with him where you say “kids are important to me. I want kids. If you don’t, we need to end this now before we get further attached.” Let him think on it- like flat out say, “don’t answer now. Give it a week, think about it and let me know, but for me children is a deal breaker if you don’t want kids, I have to be done with you.”