Should I cut my parents out of my life?

My mom and I have never really gotten along. When I was younger, she always told me to lose weight and that I was big and unattractive. She always favored my brothers over me. Now I am a mother to five girls, and she treats my kids horribly. She favors my brother’s kids over mine. We live in the same town, and they hardly ever see my parents. Their other grandparents live out of town and see them more often. My kids have not spent the night at their house in over a year, but my brother’s kids have. I just don’t think it is fair to my kids the way she has been treating them. There is a whole lot more to add to this but I didn’t want to type that much! Should I just cut my parents out of their lives or should I just deal with it and accept that she will never change?


I definitely would. An absent parent/grandparent is better than a toxic one.


I sure did was best part of my life gone. She was a nasty bi***. I am so glad. Best feeling ever. There dead to me as far Iam concern

Boundaries. Set them and read the book.
I have a super twisted dynamic with my parents. I keep my distance. Play nice when needed. Or defend my stance. I’ve gone a full year with no contact. I accept it and keep close eye on what happens.


Your children don’t deserve to be treated badly. When they are older ( if some already aren’t) will clearly know that their cousins are favored over them and don’t know why.
They don’t deserve that and you definitely don’t deserve the question of “ why doesn’t grandma love us like she loves them”
I would personally cut her out and that be that.

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I cut my mom out of my life because she is toxic and because of personal issues. Best decision I ever made


I would totally go no contact. Her treatment of you and your children is just awful. No one needs that toxic bullshit in their life.

I did, and my suggestion is for you to do what is best for your children. Don’t let anyone make you or your girl’s feel less/not enough.


If she dont bother anyway continue ur life without her cutting her out no i wouldnt because ur kids will see it on their own n let them decide for themselves what they want i had this same issue and guess what my older kids dislike her but my younger kids adore her because she is more active now then she ever was my older kids are now 25,22,20 my mom got a second chance n im glad i never kept her out if she wanted to be there which with my older kids it was holidays only

If you are a good daughter and mother? Before you cut her out of your life you need to ask her why she treated you this way and now your kids. Try to get some closure first.

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I cut my mother to… she don’t even know any of my kids had them after I cut her… and honestly I think it was the best decision I ever made… sucks to be her she misses out on everything not me!!! Especially having identical twin granddaughters …


I’ve had to make this hard decision myself, here’s how I came to my conclusion- I weighed my options. What are we gaining from cutting ties? What are we losing, if anything? Will it bring me more peace or more stress to terminate a relationship? Could this be fixed with some boundaries? It sounds like you already have your answer and need validated. The bottom line, nobody NOBODY is worth your peace.


It doesn’t take children long to figure that out. Been there.

Do what’s best for your family.

Same exact situation here except the favoritism

I wouldn’t cut them out I’d minimize contact to very little see how that works first given time they might make an effort

Yes cut her off cuz favoriting kids or grandchildren is just so messed up

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Cut her out and never look back. You said yourself that she’s treating your children horribly. Never let anyone treat your children like that, family or not.


Cut her off. I cut my dad out of my life and my childrens. I didnt know he was my father until i was about 15. Moved in with him. Got to know the real him after being there for a couple years. We reconnected. Had a great bond as so i thought. I became a mom and went thru some struggles in life. ALWAYS treated me like i was a fuck up. Didnt treat my kids bad but never really paid attention to them either. Cutting him out of our lives has made our life so much easier and happier.

They need prayers because it’s a hateful spirit and God can change them I will be praying for them and you