Should I end night feedings?

My baby is ten months, and I feed her every 6 hrs her bottle and even at night. People are telling me I shouldn’t be feeding her at night because she can sleep through the night without feeding, and she’ll be okay. But my baby girl will scream her lungs out if I don’t feed her at night every 6hrs even if I hold her or pat her back. Nothing. And letting her cry is hard because she screams so loud every one hears her and wakes up. Have any mommas have advice on how to wean her off, or should I still keep feeding her?


Keep feeding her at night

If she’s hungry, feed her.


Feed her, maybe lower the amount little by little but she’s telling you she’s hungry

Feed ur baby eff what people say if ur child is hungry be it an infant or toddler when they r hungry u feed them !


She’s a baby! Feed her. 10 months IS still considered an infant, regardless of what old school people say. Babies wake during the night to feed. It’s the biological norm. My youngest is 12 months old and I still nurse her to sleep every 2 hours during the night. It’s normal.


Mama, if you think feeding her is best then feed her :heart:

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By 10 months she should be eating enough during the day to last at night. Is she eating enough solids? Try feeding her some oatmeal or something filling before bed.


Are you feeding her solids during the day? I mean if she’s hungry feed her but I found with my 7 month old I could feed her more during the day and she now sleeps from about 9pm to 6am most days

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I feed both my kids till the didnt want it in the middle of the night any more thay was a couple monrhs after they turned 1 u do what u think is best i always hated to hear my kids cry people will tell u what u need to do but there not the ones there u r and shes still a baby she needs it if shes hungry shes hungry if ur tured put some baby cereal in her milk and itll fill her up

My son took 12 long months to stop needing milk at night. Don’t fight it mama.

Do what’s best for you and your baby. Every one is different. :grinning:

Not all kids sleep though the night at that age 1 of my 3 didn’t sleep though the night until well over a year old. Keep on feeding her. Remember their bellies are small and require many meals a day.

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Get her really full before bed, with food! You need to increase real food just opinion


If she is hungry feed her. Trust your judgment. Not all kiddos are the same. My boy camped out on my breast for the first 8 months of his life. My daughter wanted nothing. As long as baby is happy and healthy you are rocking it!

Feed her she will stop when she is ready and you will know she is ready, good luck mama!

Add a little cereal to the last bottle before bed.


I added cereal to the bedtime bottle.

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Keep feeding her she still needs that fatty milk at night

If she is hungry feed her

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