Should I force my daughter to visit her dad?

My daughter is 13. Should I force her to go with her dad on his visitation days?


No! If she doesn’t want to then leave her, my dad walked out on me when I was a baby and he then came back (he has 4 children which are my brothers and sister including me) but he went when I was born then came back when I was about 7 and asked if he could take me out and my mum never refused it! She let him as he is our dad at the end of the day but then as I got older I realised what he was like and I didn’t want to go with him then, it was always all about his girlfriend’s kids…
Then I didn’t speak to him from about 12 till I was 16 then I got InTouch with him and since then I haven’t really spoken or send him, he lives down south way now and I’m up north but I’m now 24 and have a family of my own xx


It depends on why she doesnt want to go and IF there is court ordered visitation.


No, and maybe get her into therapy so she can be open about why she doesn’t want to go


The problem is, if its court ordered and she doesn’t go, its considered being in contempt. If he wants to fight it, he could.


No she 13 and old enough to make the decision. I have been there.


Yes, it’s court mandated to help nurture her relationship with her father. She’s old enough to talk to you both about modifying the visitation and why, though. In my experience, the courts have been supportive of teen choices for school events, sports, clubs, and even employment. Ditching him gets you in trouble if he pushes it, even if she didn’t want to go.


If you have a court order YES unless there is a reason that you think that she is in danger then file for an emergency order of protection and go to court. Otherwise she goes until you get your court order changed.

If you have it in court documents yes she must go

If you go file more papers for a custody hearing, the judge will allow her to make her own decision. But I would sit her down and talk to her and find out why she doesn’t want to go. I would not force her but if there is a court order then until you file papers again, she had to go. Because you can get in a lot of trouble for not following it.

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Nope she’s old enough to chose not to go.

Nope nope nope. Find out why she doesn’t want to go

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Depends on her reasons. If she doesn’t want to because he neglects her or is in some way mistreating her then, absolutely let her stay home. If it’s because she wants to be with friends or just likes her stuff at your place better then I’d ask she at least go have dinner with dad or spend the day with him.

If you have a court order you can’t just keep her unless he agrees. I would absolutely talk to her about why. Maybe somethings going on that shouldn’t be?

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If you have a court order you have to. I would find out why she doesn’t like to go. It’s most likely abuse, probably emotional. It’ll be a hard fight but I’d get a lawyer & change your custody agreement. If there’s no order then no I wouldn’t. I would put her in counseling though. If he is abusive she’ll need help working through it. Don’t make her wait until she’s an adult. If there’s another reason she doesn’t want to see her father that also needs to be addressed.

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My mom never forced me to go. If I didn’t want to go then she didn’t make me go. I wouldn’t force anything.

I didn’t force my daughters to go but I would tell them they had to be the one to tell their dad

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We don’t know why she’s saying no? I’d say it’s not up to a 13 year old to make her own decisions but she needs to be kept safe of course! So it depends…

I was told even if it was court order I can’t force my children to leave to see their father. This should be brought up by a lawyer. I’m sure they will want therapy to see why and what not. My children are 13,14, and 15.

No absolutely not never force a child in either derection when it comes to this like them choose